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  1. I thought I was gonna be able to help.....but Nope! The Buick Grand National headlights are stepped back also....well at least you now know about them as well.
  2. Khils

    Rays kits decals

    If he has the specific decals you are looking for.... Do not hesitate! ..... the three sets I have gotten from him are Awesome!
  3. Glad I could help Vince! Sometimes......."golden nuggets" do surface. Be well & Stay safe!
  4. Now there's a great attitude! I like that! Thank you Tom for sharing!
  5. FYI...... I already traded these to Vince, but still had the photo...these are the larger of the two Sprint rears.....1.347 tall... .700 tread width.... .894 sidewall to sidewall .... .670 wheel opening
  6. I resemble "that remark"! ANY! ....new models......is better than ...... NO models .......or the same old models over & over.
  7. Here's an option for you Frank....... https://www.ebay.com/itm/-Hood-1939-Chevy-Hot-Rod-Wagon-1-25-Scale-1000s-Model-Car-Parts-4-Sale/283813312709?hash=item42149778c5:g:3z0AAOSwrVJgfV5y&pageci=5bacc4d5-caa5-4b34-8404-e03846feb0e1&redirect=mobile
  8. Completed a trade with Patrick *Oldcarfan27* Admirable trading partner which had "just the trinket" I needed!
  9. A good friend of mine, sent me a couple "tease pics" ....(notice the '69 Roadrunners box art)....I didn't see any of those in their boxes......those were molded white & discontinued because Johan didn't pay licensing to use NASCAR labeling. Mavericks...very hot item!
  10. I have to disagree! .....you left out umpires & referees! Lol!
  11. Is this part of what you seek? Sorry Vince! I need the rear bumper.
  12. First of all...! Thank you Sir! for your time served!! Well said! "....remembering the true meaning of the holiday." ...with all the "culture kill"....many of the youth have "No idea" the holidays true meaning. 😥 Sad indeed! Enjoy your Independence Day All!
  13. THX Al (thatz4u)! Smooth trade! Let's do it again sometime.
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