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  1. And "that" will be Beautiful!!!!! I figured that out when you mention what arrived today.
  2. John have you found windows yet? .......I have used set from a built up.
  3. JC, I do not have the Charger body, but I am wanting to trade for that 'Cuda body. LMK if there's something else you're in need of. Kevin
  4. * As always* ...you're welcome to my dungeon... Let's do more!
  5. As it should be Steve!!! .....the rest of us enjoy seeing you do it! THX! Mr Wizard. Enjoyed seeing you & Mrs G, last weekend!
  6. PM sent about possibility.
  7. A local restaurant/ truck stop has it on their menu..."Chuck & Cluck" ...get it every time I stop there!
  8. Your MOST wecome Gary! ....glad I could help out! Keep 'em posts coming! Kevin
  9. Unsure if those were in the Revell Trans Am/GTO Mustang kits...dont have one anymore to check.
  10. How about ....only 16% of today's college students can actually write cursive.
  11. I want one!! That would lessen my distaste for Iowa winters !! ( from a former meter reader)
  12. Like John......I too was fifteen when I bought my first ride.....had passed driver ed & waiting for my 16th birthday to officially get my driver license. "Those" were the days! Gasoline was .52 cents a gallon, new license & a '63 Impala SS 2dr HT 409 , 4spd ......I had a blast for the 7 years I had it...she would pass everything but gas stations! ...wish I never met that gal that convinced me to sell it! & YES ( I still hold that grudge! ) ....suppose I should be glad I never married her!
  13. Very admirable!! I also will bump this back to the top!
  14. I have one of each (AMT & MPC ) ... both kits are molded in White.
  15. Tom.....have you considered vacuum forming the difficult parts? Just a thought!
  16. I am actually Glad! that some "do dig them up!" First off...I am not as savvy as most members here....still have minimal luck searching out possible old threads that may contain the information most likely "already been discussed " that would be beneficial to me & really never knew it existed! Besides! We come into this world with "nothing!" We leave this world ..... With nothing but memories!! What's so bad with viewing threads that many of the newer member have yet to see? ....if you've seen it.....pass on by it.
  17. I haven't had much time to check out "said changes".... but dang Dave! really like the crisp clean look! Thanks for all you do for us here!!
  18. Michael! Miracles "DO happen" ...so glad to hear you're recovering & back up & running. " I " ...for one can praise you for your racing seats & fuel cells. Be well & Stay safe!
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