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  1. My Vette is coming along very well. Happily, the racer kit comes with some of the stock parts, so I've added a stock exhaust system. I've debadged the body and got a lot painted. The body will be blue suede. I'll do some mild weathering just to show she's got some miles on her.
  2. Well the weber intake isn't gonna do it. Not exactly low profile.
  3. At least one of the Revell Model A releases included OHV Riley head and covers. A dual carb intake and a header.
  4. Thanks Dann. Here's the finished thread.
  5. Jantrix

    '49 Mercury

    That looks just terrific. Well done sir!
  6. Thanks guys. I appreciate the ataboys.
  7. I am ready to start my Cannonball Vette. I'm looking forward to this one. Although I have cannibalized many Corvette kits over the years, I've never actually built one. The John Greenwood '68 lends itself to this CBP very well. The interior is pure racing, and the engine is set up that way as well, BUT, the kit is based on the Revell '68 L88 2in1. So my Lee Greenwood '68 comes with the stock exhaust, bumperettes and a few other things, left over from the 2in1 kit. I'm going for a day 2 muscle car look. Paint finish is likely going to be a stealth matte.
  8. That's cool Pat. I like it.
  9. Thanks guys. I'm glad you like it.
  10. I think it would take a hell of a driver to keep this on the track. 😄 Glad you like it, Oliver.
  11. If you haven't seen my WIP thread, this might need some explaining. Lately there has been a 1:1 trend called Vette Karting. They are usually a stripped down C5 or C6 Vette that has zero collector value. They strip it down to it's bare essentials, add a roll cage, some aftermarket lights and go tear it up. Roadkill did one as I recall. Inspired, I decided to build one in scale. At the time though, I didn't have any Vettes kits that were manufactured in such a way to make this possible. But the Revell Viper GTS was perfect for it. I hade a great time with this one and I've never seen a
  12. Hopefully the new version looks less like a 4x4.
  13. This is back on the bench and will be done soon! Like my '37 I have decided against some of the extra details I planned to add so that I could actually get the model done. Under Glass soon!
  14. Inspiring. 😄 I like that. The decals were very good. The pieces on the sides needed some trimming to fit the '37, and setting solution is always the thing to do, but they really weren't any trouble.
  15. Yes Claude, those decals are from the Revell '66 El Camino, though they were the only part of that I kit I own. I'm glad you like the design but I can't take credit. Years ago, I spotted a photo online of a late 30's fenderless rod that was built this way, and days later, the image was still rolling around in my brain. I've tried to find the photo, but no matter the keywords I've tried, Google can't find it. Like this one, it had all the rat rod audacity, but was a finished gleaming hot rod.
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