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  1. This is a model that Airfix should redo or at least modify. The most popular Harvard was the Mk IV and I could see that one selling well in any and all standard scales.
  2. Remember them well and still have two displayed in my display case. Still have several unbuilt ones for future use. As you said they were very nicely detailed but they are not easy to find today. Maybe, if we're lucky Airfix will re-issue them in sets someday.
  3. There is nothing wrong with building airliners. Very nice and excellent work.
  4. Built Snoopy with his Camel when the kit first came out and he still sits in my display case to this day. When I heard that Atlantis had bought the molds I was excited. Bought the first two re-issues and will buy them all as they come out. Schultz created a cartoon that will never be forgotten and these kits are great for young beginning modellers and even for us old timers who want to remember the past.
  5. Thanks for the review. I have a couple of those in my stash but don't know when I'll get to one. While the Matchbox kits were very basic, sort of like the old Frog ones, they were often of aircraft that no one else built, a/c such as the Siskin, Twin Otter, Norseman, Privateer. All are of interest to Canadian buff such as my self. I believe Revell ended up with some of these molds. How many of them we'll ever see again is the question. They were great kits for beginning modellers to build and for serious modellers at least we had a starting point.
  6. I've built a couple of those kits over the decades but never did one as a woodie.. That is an interesting and creative look. Thumbs up for your desire to do it differently.
  7. Well done, that is going to look great. Considering that your other choice would have been the rare MiniExotics resin kit of the Nomad you've created an very good looking replica.
  8. Very nicely done. I'm always pleased to see when someone chooses to build one of these golden age luxury autos. I finished the '37 Cord last year, and have one of these kits in the stash for a future build. Your choice of colours has really made this one stand out.
  9. Have fun with it. I have the later version with the 396 hood on my bench at this time, It was a previously built kit now needing a rebuild. I wish it had a little better engine compartment detail but other then that not a bad kit. If you're also have a '63 in the wings you must like the C2. I hope you have the late 90's 1/25 scale Revel/Monogram '67 that came out as both a coupe and convertible. That is a kit that just begs to be built well and will provide you with a model that will be destined for the front row of your display shelf.
  10. So far all we've seen for the C8's are a couple of 1/24 diecasts. I'm not holding my breath waiting for one to be announced, but I am praying.
  11. I've also thought of building one of the astronaut Vettes but never got around to it. Well done I's glad that someone did one of them. A recent Corvette Magazine did an article on Gus Grissom's 1965 Glen Green Vette, maybe I'll do that one. Again, I like what you've done with this '69 kit.
  12. Bringing that one back from the dead has obviously been a challenge, you are to be congratulated for taking it on.
  13. A fellow about 30 miles from me had a real one as well as about a dozen other exotic sports cars. When he died no one in the family wanted them so the collection was sold off. What a shame but I did get to see the collection a couple of times. Yours could be a replica of the one he had.
  14. While the snappers can turn out nice in the hands of us grey haired builders, I believe their original intent was to apply to beginning builders and congrats to you for doing exactly that. Keep looking for them and get your kids hooked. I would say both turned out very nice and they look proud of them.
  15. Nice build Randy. I'm still waiting for my LHS to bring one in for me.
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