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  1. Thanks Andre, Gareth and Mike. I‘m happy you like the paint finish!
  2. Hi folks, yes, this is the 20-something parts-count Revell snapper... My son built this one box-stock some years ago and I always liked this kit. Proportians and detailing are pretty good. Due to the complexity of the body with its rear air tunnels, the main body and the read end are modeld as 2 separate parts which come but glued already in the snap-kit. So for the purpose of properly painting the body, these 2 parts have to be separated, more like: broken apart. Once that's done, game on! Many people don't know that the 1:1 car comes with an extendable rear wing which IMHO lo
  3. Nice collection! I take it that the Jaguar XJ-R 9 is the Heller kit? I still have that in my stash...
  4. These two kits from Monogram are real gems indeed. I built the Corvette when the kit was released around 30 years ago. I got to buy another one and the Cobra in a shop sale very cheap years ago. Will do them one day for certain. 1/43 has always been more of a collector's than a builder's scale. Back in the day, Monogram undertook the effort to appeal to collectors in "their" scale. Looks like it wasn't a great success... P.S..: Great builds shown here!
  5. Great work going one here, Roger! I didn't know about the incorrect roofline but it doesn't surprise me. I wouldn't have noticed on my TA build, I was way too busy scriping the panels on the hood. 😎 Btw., I did this curbside-style, using the chassis from a Revell Snap Camaro '69.
  6. Great build, well done!
  7. Cool idea, well executed!
  8. Hi Ludwig, nice build as always. Great choice of colors, and the wheels are a perfect match!
  9. Thanks a lot, Anders and Carl!
  10. Many thanks guys, I appreciate it! Thanks Kurt, and congrats on getting a Boomerang kit! They are very hard and expensive to come by, especially in 1/24 scale (the 1/16 scale Revell kit is easier to find but not cheap either). I remember the WIP on the Russian forum you mentioned, that guy practically cut the whole body into pieces in order to correct the shape and make a Bora V8 fit in. He also intended to 3D-print better wheels but I guess that is where the WIP ended... years ago. The Boomerang can be made into a nice kit box-stock. My build is a resto of a kit I build many years ago
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