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  1. Thanks Bugatti Fan, it was definitely one of the most challenging builds I've done so far.
  2. A few years ago I built a 1/25 scale Lindberg Triumph GT6+ model. I originally built the GT6 with some "aftermarket" wide wheels and tires. After a while I thought it looked ridiculous and put the original kit wheels on it. Not an easy kit to build and many parts did not fit well.
  3. I learned to drive my dad's stick-shift Ford Pinto for the simple reason it was easy to parallel park during the driver's exam. Alternately I would have had to learn to parallel park a BIG automatic 1965 Ford Galaxie! 50 years later I still prefer small manual shift cars which is why I have two Triumphs.
  4. Looks great Hmann68!! The colors look fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And that blower belt looks very realistic too-very creative use of the tape. I also had issues with the frame warping but somehow got it straightened out. And also like you I had issues with some of the body panels...I had to modify the ones on the sides, below the headers.
  5. Thanks Bugatti Fan. The Triumph Wedge Owners Association (TWOA) shows photos of TR7s and 8s on their website in all the colors they were available over the years. They do show a Pagent Blue TR7... However Pagent Blue is not shown as being available for the TR7 in any of the old Triumph "Paint and Trim Colours" brochures they have on the website. It is shown as being available for the Dolomite and Spitfire though of course.
  6. Yes they did! I built one a couple years ago. The kit is OK but not a lot of detail, its a curbside. Mine had a vinyl top, I sanded off the "vinyl texture" to make it a hard top.
  7. Thanks! Thank you! Actually it is BL Tahiti Blue. A friend of mine has a Dolomite but it's a drab gray color. As you likely know, the TR7 was designed as a FHC (fixed head coupe) because BL expected that the US was going to "outlaw" convertibles. It wasn't available as a DHC (drop head coupe or "convertible" until 3 years or so after it was introduced. And I agree, the chrome bumper MGBs look a lot better than the rubber bumper cars.
  8. It's not likely any of you are building a stock Triumph TR7 or TR8 but if you are, here is my original 14K mile TR7 for reference. Only the wheels are non-stock of course.
  9. Wow! I'd love to see that when it's done! I've seen a stretched, 4 door TR6 but never a stretched TR4.
  10. I'm finally ready to start bulding this LOTG rattesnake kit. I mostly build model cars so this is a very different "finish" than what I'm used to. What type of paints would those that have built this type of thing recommend? Vallejo acrylics??? What is dry brushing? Would it apply here? TIA!
  11. I'm finally ready to start bulding this LOTG rattesnake kit. I mostly build model cars so this is a very different "finish" than what I'm used to. What type of paints would those that have built this type of thing recommend? Vallejo acrylics??? Ooops, I should have posted this in the model building questions and answers forum!
  12. My first new car was a light blue, 2 door '78 Nova. Wish I had some good pics of it. Your 1:1 looks to be in great condition!
  13. I've been away from modeling for about 18 months now while I mechanically and cosmetically "re-habbed" a 1:1 Triumph TR7. I started building the Porsche "Junior" tractor last week and just finished it up today. Not my best work. I built the Bug about 5 years ago. Both are the Revell kits at 1:24 scale. Not sure what happened to the Porsche Diesel decal on the left side and the plate on the front, they were on there this afternoon. Thought it would be fun to photograph them together.
  14. And my very first car was a 4-door '65 Galaxie 500 that I bought from my parents. I have a pic of it somewhere but can't locate it. When I first got back into modeling about 10 years ago I built this 2-door '66 Galaxie in the same colors as the 1:1. (I didn't take good pics back then!)
  15. Two of my younger brothers had 1:1 '66 Mustangs and another brother had a '88 (?) Trans Am. They sold them years ago so I don't have any pics of them but I built and painted the kits to match their 1:1 cars. I gave the models to them for Christmas a few years ago. The wheels on the TA were 3D printed.
  16. Safire6

    Phantom FED

    I wish I put those wire wheels on my Tony Nancy Sizzler when I built it a few years ago. Those look great, as well as the rest of your build!
  17. I built a Monogram Triumph TR8 a couple years ago and painted it white to match a friend's 1:1 TR8. In Sept. 2022 I bought a 1:1 Triumph TR7 (in Tahiti Blue) with only 14K miles on it. I put a ton of work into it and now a year later, it now runs great and looks good.
  18. Very cool! Like others have said, the paint and wheels are awesome. But I really like the sliding top and the orange ball on the antenna!
  19. Safire6


    Nice builds! The blue on that pickup is beautiful! Can I ask what color that is? Nevermind, I just found it in this link:
  20. Thanks, it was fun as long as you paid very close attention to the instructions. In some cases it was easy to pick the wrong part out of the dozens in the kit. If you didn't notice it until later in the build then you would have to go back and tear it all apart and rectify it. It happened to me when putting the 1st headlight assembly together. Lucky for me I noticed what was wrong soon after the mistake.
  21. OK this is not technically a model unless you consider it to be a 'snapper'. My wife gave it to me for Christmas. It's the only Lego thing I've ever built. 2573 pieces total and 860 steps to build it. Working independant suspension, doors, gate and hood open, pistons on 6 cylinder "engine" move up and down, forward/nuetral/reverse gearing, high and low gears, working winch steering, etc. The engineering to design the complicated drivetrain is pretty fantastic IMHO. Here is a 2 year old review of it from Motor Trend: https://www.motortrend.com/features/building-the-lego-land-rover-defender/ It reportedly took an experienced Lego builder 5 hours to complete it. It took me about 20 hours! Almost 17" long, estimated scale of 11:1. Comments welcome.
  22. Wow that is beautiful! The door fit is excellent and I agree with Goon that the work on the roll cage and engine mount is excellent.
  23. Wow that's a cool VW! Nice colors too and great photos by your brother!
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