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  1. I know how that goes, got 2 aoshima kits (the F1GTR longtail and the murcie SV) and found tamiya's fitment alot better also, shame is that tamiya doesnt make alot of kits that aoshima does (or any other company for that matter) so if you want to build that model you'll have to get it from aoshima (like the sesto elemento, huayra etc)
  2. Looks good for now! interesting to see it finished! definately on my list still to get one day...
  3. The CF weave looks abit big for the car, but it does look cool! reminds me of Manny Khosbin's Huayra Hermes edition (if you dont know his garage line-up, i advise you all to check it out! insane super and hypercar collections, perhaps one of the best in the world even!) Eager to see the finished piece!
  4. So i recently started a new build... the F1GTR Long tail. I bought the kit as a gulf racing livery. However ive decided to give it my own personal touch. The color combo might not be to everyones liking. but i thought its something else for a change... still undecided if i need more purple on the body. Hereby some pix Let me know what you think, and any advice/tips are sure welcome!
  5. It's done.... I myself am pretty pleased with the end result, as always all mistakes during a build happen when the body is fully painted and start gluing in parts like the windows, headlights etc...
  6. Wow they did a horrible job on the brakes, just look at how off center they are! yuck!
  7. The color is awsome indeed, however its the combination of the paint (Tamiya TS-10 French blue) combined with the pearl clear (Tamiya TS-65), the blue on its self has little to no shine, needs a nice clearcoat to make it really stand out like it does now! Soon more, i should be completing the car fairly soon, just finished the F430 last night, should have this done tonight or tomorrow probably. than you can really see how it looks with the black body parts!
  8. So i just finished this one of last night. Must say the result turned out to be pretty good decals still need to go on, but for some reason they ALWAYS come off then i do them on the clearcoat, should start doing them under the clear, but i always forget and go straight for the clear over the paint when im busy with spraying the bodies... Worst part for me on the whole build is always windows and lights, thankfully the fujimi window kits are usually awsome as its all 1 big piece so i just glue the center part and hold it there so i dont have prints and glue marks all over them... if only
  9. Wowzers that paintjob looks awsome! faces in the body aint my thing but sure takes alot of patience and craftmanship to add that many so kudo's on that anyways!
  10. My best/most fun car would be handsdown my very first car, my '05 E46 M3 CS, in fact after i sold it i spend 5 YEARS sulking and crying on the inside about the fact that it was gone. Bought many other sportscars since (i only buy sportscars really, no use for more doors or space for me), nothing even came close. In fact now that im 24, i have recently Bought another E46 M3. only i still must admit my previous one was more to my personal taste, thankfully i still have the memories! My worst car by far was my 1993 Toyota Supra MK4 Earotop (TT manual), absolutely hated that car for all the p
  11. I went with 2 layers of TS65. This is how it looks when its outside in the sun now: Some small things im not totally happy with, but the can ran out and overall this is/was my best paintjob untill i did my 599SA Aperta that same afternoon (topic will follow)
  12. So i finished of the paintwork on the SLR yesterday.... Was a little short on paint i found out, so it may not be as well done as i might have wanted to (especially the front bumper), but in general theres little to no faults with dirt and dust in the paint so that went well for a change It is not yet treated with compound and/or wax.... thanks both (Y)
  13. Havent done much recently, only cleared the body (i suddenly realized i completely forgot to clear the paint). Decided to go with the TS65 clear. Its a pearl clear, and i must say the result it gives looks awsome! Cant wait to put the matte black spoiler and "hoodgrill" in.. How it looks in the sun:
  14. The body has finally been painted. Needed some corrections after the 1st time i painted it, now it looks decent enough.. total of 3 wet layers of TS31. followed by 2 wetcoats of TS13 clear Now letting it dry for a month orso, and then finish it off completely
  15. So ive done very little to nothing on my model builds last couple of weeks. Been pr-occupied with loads of other things. What i have done however is paint and clearcoat some of the models so i can keep going in the future without having to stop due to the bodies harding. Ive shot the Mclaren in Tamiya TS19, so far the car only has 1 wet coat. Now to sand it down (1200-1500-2000 grid) than another layer and clear it, and then let it rest for a month orso. I think the color looks awsome for a SLR McLaren!! And this is how it looks out in the sun The only thing
  16. that 430 is a nice build. im just starting to finish mine of....
  17. impressive!! No need to apologize for alot of pictures, we all love pictures here! The more the better!
  18. Revell has a C7 street kit... https://www.revellspecialist.nl/bouwdozen-geschenkset/auto/2014-corvette-stingray.html
  19. Previous page i posted some pix of my M3 just after i gotten it, now i finished cleaning it here are some more decent pics of it and some info about the car: Its a 2002 E46 M3 coupe, original paint all around still, and ive just clocked it at 107500KM (thats roughly 67000miles i believe) and has been fitted by a HPF stage 3 turbo setup. On low boost the car makes roughly 812hp and on high boost 997hp. Theres plenty of videos on youtube where you see these stage 3 cars eating superbikes and big name (tuned) supercars...
  20. For a minute i thought it was going to be a replica of your own Evo, untill i saw the pic and realized u were talking about the mines (tuner) evo Looks good so far, interested to see the end result!
  21. So i did a small order yesterday... I can finally paint models again
  22. Done a little work again yesterday. got everything finished now except for the body things. Now its time for the hardest and my least favorite part.... fitting the glass and windows... i always get glue and fingerprints all over them sadly...
  23. Yeah i noticed that also, well see how it turns out, thx for the tip! regarding the color, well the colors it came in from the factory i find very boring, so i decided to change it up a little with french blue from tamiya (TS10) and the lightblue revell paint matches real good for the interior
  24. So, as you all are probably used to by now from my side. I tend to work on multiple models at once. The reason is simple, i get bored quick. but besides that its also a matter of area to spray bodies, so i do multiple at once when i have the chance to do so, and while i cant i work on the rest untill i cant go any further. The body of the XJ220 i already sprayed before xmas (together with the MK2 and GT3 porsche) so it has had plenty of time to get hard, and now ive started to work on the rest of the kit: It all starts with an engine right? Quick test of the
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