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  1. I swear, you gotta write a book with all these in it. I have so many bookmarks of "Snake45 fixes..."
  2. Nicely done! I've built a couple of Nitto kits and while the subjects are always interesting they can be tricky thanks to their age and extra "play" features.
  3. Awesome work, that looks great!
  4. Same here, Rodger Dodger is one of those that just looks "right." I also had the Dixie Challenger, though one of my favorite decos is when they used it in their Cop Rods series. Nice to see it in 1/24, I'm hoping to try one myself some day.
  5. There were a couple of resin kits of Racer X's Shooting Star made years ago, but the only one I've found lately has had a $500 price tag and seller unwilling to budge. I'm tempted to just make one out of a Chaparral kit.
  6. spencer1984


    Well played, using the Supra as a base for Synkro. I especially like the wheels, how did you make those?
  7. Nicely done, especially considering how it started! My only TKM is still in its box as well.
  8. Both look great, I forgot how much I like the look of the Daytona with the extra lights.
  9. Looking good, especially that cage! Getting close now...
  10. Very clean work, that looks great!
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