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  1. That's cool. I just finished restoring my old (1980s) Model Team Highway Rig, LEGO has made some neat trucks over the years.
  2. Very cool! What did you use to make the waffle-pattern armor over the side windows?
  3. That turned out nice! Good save on the decal, I've had plenty of times where it went that way.
  4. Thanks, guys! The bumpers were redone with Bare Metal Foil, and the rest of the trim was a combination of original and replacement parts. For the headlight covers, I took the clear blister from a Hot Wheels car and set it on the side of the Ferrari, moving it around until the lines looked like they matched the body contours. Then I traced the opening with a marker and cut out the blister, and made a new frame from aluminum repair tape. It took a few tries, this was my first attempt:
  5. Thanks! Yeah, the movie has a lot of problems. It's not the worst I've seen, but you'll definitely need to leave your brain off the hook for a bit if you decide to watch it.
  6. Thanks, guys! I was legitimately surprised by how much I enjoyed this one, Revell really did a nice job with it.
  7. Built from Revell's Motorola Reynard kit, with Indycals decals and a couple extra additions to represent one of the cars in Stallone's 2001 movie Driven. This was my first attempt building one of these, and overall thought it was a neat little kit - I'll defintely be trying some more of them. A full writeup is available here, as always any comments or criticisms welcome.
  8. Very clean work, that turned out great!
  9. Here you go: http://batmobilehistory.com. It's badly in need of an update, but will hopefully be seeing some this summer.
  10. Thanks! All of these were at least partially modified, though I also have a few finished/collectible diecasts in my collection. I still have a lot yet to build, with three or four on the bench right now but going slow enough I don't know when they'll be finished. The Detective #377 car was originally a Johnny Lightning kit that I built up with a few parts box additions. The animated car was an NJ Croce toy listed as being 1/24 scale and (judging by the cockpit) pretty accurate to that. I modified the canopy to lose the toy's giant ugly hinge, gave it new exhaust headers, repainted it, and
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