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  1. I would shoot some flat clear over those seats. Looks great otherwise!
  2. Test fit a lot with this kit. Very problematic fit on some assemblies. Good luck!
  3. Def looks like it sits a bit high.
  4. Yup, its a cool little kit. I enjoyed building mine.
  5. Man, you are fast! Turning out great!
  6. I know right? The openings are for the "hotter" engine that was installed into 365 GTC. 330 GTC still had old Colombo-designed double-cam design, and as such - no louvers to "cool" it. Yup, that's about 3 hours of making it fit Thanks!
  7. Ok, all these posts above made me get this out of the box and fiddle with it a bit over the weekend - that s until we lost power and almost froze to death here in Texas. Aaaaanyway... Got most of the interior parts to fit together, more or less: IMG_7710 by Italian Horses, on Flickr IMG_7711 by Italian Horses, on Flickr Not only that - but also worked a bit on making everything fit nicely inside the body as well: IMG_7713 by Italian Horses, on Flickr IMG_7714 by Italian Horses, on Flickr IMG_7715 by Italian Horses, on Flickr IMG_7716 by Italian Horses, o
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