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  1. This is the first MPC kit I build and I must say the directions are not very good or clear for that matter
  2. I took 10 millimeters right out from the center of the axle and everything seems to line up okay the leaf spring mount is perfectly wide enough to make up for the difference
  3. I bought some 1/50 resin trucks from him years back and they blew away anything else on the market. His stuff is usually top notch
  4. Started the model king reissue of this kit. Aside from way to much chrome it's looking pretty good.one question. I've read about the front axle width issue..before i get to far is it possible to cut a section out of the middle of the axle to correct this ? Also how much should I remove ? By looking at it I'm thinking at least 3/8th of an inch ?
  5. Thanks guys. Just noticed I need to touch up the rear mudflaps. The dm800 with dump trailer is next
  6. Took 6 weeks but done.i tried building this kit as a kid back in the early 80s but didnt get too far. Built box stock.this kit did not include front floatation tires. Had to scratch a new stack for the exhaust as the stock one wouldnt clear the body. Paint is forest green and bright red by rustoleum. Painted it to match the trucks that hauled out of the gravel pit behind my dads house back in the day.
  7. Abby and Elliot our 2 Norwegian elkhounds
  8. I'd guess the western star truck would be in the running...it can offered as a tractor, dump, mixer or logging truck. If they wanted to get the most out of a mold I'd say it would warrant more variations than an over the road highway tractor
  9. These are currently on my wife's 72 pontiac ventura 2 and I'm working on a model of it. Cant seem to locate anything that matches
  10. Old topic but I'd love to see the 72 ventura reissued. I may but the 72 nova and Jimmy flintstone conversion. I build trucks but recently my wife added this 72 to our driveway and I'd love a model of it
  11. I believe they all had floats in the front. The original box art doesnt show them being wide but if you look the dogs and spokes are deeper in the rim .
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