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  1. I'd guess the western star truck would be in the running...it can offered as a tractor, dump, mixer or logging truck. If they wanted to get the most out of a mold I'd say it would warrant more variations than an over the road highway tractor
  2. These are currently on my wife's 72 pontiac ventura 2 and I'm working on a model of it. Cant seem to locate anything that matches
  3. Old topic but I'd love to see the 72 ventura reissued. I may but the 72 nova and Jimmy flintstone conversion. I build trucks but recently my wife added this 72 to our driveway and I'd love a model of it
  4. I believe they all had floats in the front. The original box art doesnt show them being wide but if you look the dogs and spokes are deeper in the rim .
  5. Yes. The exhaust runs into the body when it's down and it prevents asphalt or wet material from sticking in cold weather. A few of our mack dumps at work have it...but being local I cant say if it makes a difference or not as some trucks here dont jave it and I dont really notice a difference.
  6. Just noticed a few online retailers have this model listed for preorder in late may to July! I'll be adding a few more to my pile for sure !
  7. it took hobby lobby a while to get the dm600 reissue. im sure they will dhow up there later
  8. i believe first gear made that truck for speedway. they also make this in 1/24th scale https://www.firstgearonline.com/product-store/towing-and-recovery/slideback-carriers/79-0572
  9. wow ! what a sharp truck. can i ask where you found the rear tires ?
  10. hello. after lurking for a few years i finally decided to join. when i was a kid...about 1980 or so my parents took me to a new store that opened and while walking through the toy section i was amazed at all the model kits, not so much the planes and ships, i had known about them for a bit but the trucks ! dumps, snowplows,bulldozers and big rigs. my father bought me the cat bulldozer but i was i no way ready for it. years later i was involved the 1/87 and still model quite a bit in that scale. but as of late i have been buying all the truck reissues from round 2 along with a dm800 ,autoc
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