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  1. Took 6 weeks but done.i tried building this kit as a kid back in the early 80s but didnt get too far. Built box stock.this kit did not include front floatation tires. Had to scratch a new stack for the exhaust as the stock one wouldnt clear the body. Paint is forest green and bright red by rustoleum. Painted it to match the trucks that hauled out of the gravel pit behind my dads house back in the day.




  2. Yes. The exhaust runs into the body when it's down and it prevents asphalt or wet material from sticking in cold weather. A few of our mack dumps at work have it...but being local I cant say if it makes a difference or not as some trucks here dont jave it and I dont really notice a difference. 

  3. hello.  after lurking for a few years i finally decided to join.  when i was a kid...about 1980 or so  my parents took me to a new store that opened and while walking through the toy section i was amazed at all the model  kits,  not so much the planes and ships, i had known about them for a bit but the trucks ! dumps, snowplows,bulldozers and big rigs. my father bought me the cat bulldozer but i was i no way ready for it. years later i was involved the 1/87 and still model quite a bit in that scale. but as of late i have been buying all the truck reissues from round 2 along with a dm800 ,autocar dump and ford snowplow, hoping to finally build the ones i wanted as a kid but lacked the skill or  couldnt afford. looking forward to getting started and finding lots of info and ideas here. 

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