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  1. Thanks and yeah it’s a pretty cool kit it’s not really one I just wanna sell to get rid of so I’m just tossing it out to see if someone’s got what I want a little more if nothing happens with it here soon then I’ll just end up building it
  2. Got this Johan 70 Roadrunner the parts are as shown looking to trade it off for a 70 GTX or a 68 Coronet the motor and stuff has been wired the reds chassis grill interior both bumpers and the air grabber are all there as well as the box
  3. Need a Trumpeter 64 Falcon Grill got a kit that’s missing one
  4. Styrene or resin isn’t too big a deal just need parts to build
  5. Looking for an interior tub both bumpers and a grill for a 68 Coronet could use a nicer set of tail lights as well
  6. I decided to get my CMG Charger Body ready to be stripped of its interesting design but the glue on some of the parts don’t wanna budge I want a good safe way to remove it without breaking anything anyone got advice?
  7. A non general lee charger issue that’s surprising
  8. I seen some mpc promo 68 rebuilders I looked into getting but I drained my kit fund for now which was a shame
  9. That’s a wonderful looking build it’s one of the plans I’ve got for building as many Chrysler drag teams as I can and as many cars as possible (my s&m collection is at around 10 cars so far)
  10. This build looks amazing as it’s going normally I’m not a charger guy but the ratty chargers are just cool
  11. There’s no plans to do anything with his except clean it and try and find a way to repair the wing the second kit I’m building to replicate it is the open canvas
  12. The Marker lights is what we noticed whenever we unsealed the kit
  13. Well I’m pretty sure it’s been reviewed before so this is more of a discussion for a “68 Charger” the body looks an awful lot like a 69
  14. Well sorry for the lack of updates on the new one I’ll kick it into gear soon and start working on it but I’ve got other builds I’m finishing
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