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  1. Just watched “Jolt” with Kate Beckinsale on Amazon. Wow, it may be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen! I have seen sci-fi movies with aliens that are more believable. There is one point where she is tossing newborn babies at the cop in order to get away.🤮🤮🤮
  2. I got mine from Slaters. The HO is closest in scale spacing wise, but the raised “diamonds” are too fat. The #449 (1:100) looks much better in my opinion. And FYI, their 1:25 designation is NOT 1/25. https://slatersplastikard.com/assets/pdfs/EmbossedFlyer.pdf
  3. I have bought very little from e-bay and never sold anything. What is to prevent someone with a rare kit from buying it themselves (or have an accomplice buy it) for stupid money in order to drive up the price for the next time they list it? Obviously it would have to be rare and would not work with a relatively common kit.
  4. Looking much better Steve! My parents had one just like it that was a metallic brown color. 👍
  5. I have never ordered from them, but BNL lists some differentials and other drivetrain parts. http://www.b-n-lresins.com According to this thread they are open again as of April. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/158757-b-n-l-resins-still-viable/
  6. Even if there is no pressure left in it at all… you can shake it up well, puncture it and pour out the contents to use in an airbrush. Also works for cans that are hopelessly plugged (caution required)! Edit: Puncturing any can should be done above the fluid level and very carefully to allow all pressure to escape before further opening of the can.
  7. Great job so far! I love the headers you built, and that colour is going to look really nice ion it. 👍
  8. A 1979 Lincoln Mark 5 in mint condition. My Buddy bought it from the original owner with only 114,000 kms on it. He took me for a short ride in it…floats like an airplane. I told him those two doors weighed as much as my MX-5.😳
  9. Glad to hear you are getting it sorted out. I have very little experience with craft paints, but I believe a good primer is essential since they will not bite into the plastic the way a laquer and maybe enamel would.
  10. Another problem with drilling is that your average chinese hobby drill bits would not be up to the task. If they could drill it at all the hole would likely wander off your center mark. You would need some good quality ones, or PC board drill bits which are sharp but very brittle.
  11. I am not familiar with how any metal kits go together…but you could drill and oin the joints also to add strength.
  12. I cut a small rectangle of sandpaper and use it on edge to sand one side of the groove at a time. If the groove is wide enough, and the paper thin enough, you could fold it and sand both sides of the groove at once. Don’t let the perfection that you see displayed by some builders on here discourage you.
  13. It should be OK? I have used it before and it adheres well….unlike the “ultra bright” stuff. Edit: After re-reading Jim’s thread in Q&A, I hope it is not the newest “chrome” with an older “new improved” label on it! I will test it and report when I get a chance. From a LHS called Hobby Sense. I saw he had two listed as in stock so I grabbed them. Earlier in the week I got some from another LHS that was listed online as “new improved” but unfortunately it is actually labeled “chrome”.🤨 I did not read your other thread properly or I would not have bought it.
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