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  1. I think scissors would work better on the foil tape.
  2. Yeah…I hope they upgraded the bolts holding the bumper on to match!😬 Now that I look at it again, that grill is off of something else right? I think maybe a Ford or Mercury something?
  3. Saw this in a local storeage compound today. I imagine the back potion was custom built at some point in its life. And at some point it became a trailer instead of a Motorhome. 🙂
  4. My wife bought a couple new kitchen knives for our fifth wheel trailer. We only have one drawer to store all our utensils in. So I made a couple of styrene sheaths for them to protect them from rattling around and getting dull. I used tamiya cement to laminate it together because I really wanted the layers “welded” together. Has anyone else made any thing out of styrene, other than models?
  5. Nice, and a very worthwhile project! I like that body style.👍
  6. Neat idea. If you have a ratchet wrench with the knurled handle, maybe you could roll it over the leather to get a pattern?
  7. Very nice. That color does look great on it!👍
  8. It be spiffy Zippi! Say that three times fast!🤪
  9. You might not notice the hole, but you would notice the oil stain on your shelf after it’s too late to do anything about it.😬
  10. I too think the ‘55-‘57 Chevys all have near perfect styling from the factory. I love that paint job! Can’t wait to see it with the foil on. Looks great so far. 👍
  11. That is a really great weathering job. But how did she manage to keep all her hubcaps?👍
  12. Check out some of his other amazing builds here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/157842-my-fleet-of-jet-cars/?tab=comments#comment-2337536
  13. Fantastic work on that wagon David! I’m not real big on Bling, but I gotta say, it looks great on that unit!👍 Did you pin the joints as well as CA and filler?
  14. Wow Dax! Your imagination never ceases to amaze me, and your skills to turn it into plastic are fantastic.👍👍You really should make or get someone to make a sci-fi movie with these a la heavy metal.😁😈
  15. That is a hilarious clip, and they could play it because my dentist has TVs mounted on the ceiling above every chair. But I puked when they tried that stuff on me.🤮 Too bad, cause I think I would have liked it???
  16. Just trying to be helpful...shipping costs can be outrageous on single items.😬 It’s what keeps me from buying models on e-bay.🤨
  17. White glue Super glue Super glue accelerator Super glue debonder Sanding sticks Sprue cutter Budget brushes Hobby knife Tweezers Assorted sandpaper Model cement Filler putty Paint set Masking tape Thinner Scissors Decal tweezers Toothpicks Clothespins Rubber bands Spray paint Respirator mask 😁
  18. I have a good dentist now, but I never went to a dentist for many years because of a childhood experience. I was getting a tooth pulled. The dentist froze it, a while later he poked it a bit and asked me if I could feel it. I said mmm...a little bit. He said “you mean no!” and proceeded to extract it. I let out a painful yelp, and he then gave it another shot of freezing before continuing.🤬
  19. Nope! I haven’t actually done a decent cleanup on my bench to verify 100% that they’re gone...but I’m 98% sure.🤨 Ooh, I hate it when that happens. Thankfully I am retired and don’t have to go to work anymore.🙂
  20. I think this is the stuff you want. I’m not sure how well it works though. I used it once on some really old decals and they were still brittle.
  21. What...she couldn’t fix it with a dab of super glue?😳
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