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  1. In a way losing a pet is like losing a son or daughter. I mean it's not as bad as that, but it can be near that. I heard and believe that because our pets always rely on us humans that is similar to losing a person we are caring for, just as it is harder on a caretaker when the person passes they are taking care of, it's harder to lose a pet for some of the same reasons. My wife and I lost our 13 year old Australian Healer Jack just about a year ago and I still want to bawl when I think of him.. I don't think non pet owners can understand. My sympathies Alan.
  2. I'm watching you, Steve. I'm sure this one will be as great as the 442!
  3. Looks really nice!! Actually though what you are building is a '65 Coronet. The 330 name wasn't used in 1965. In 1964 you could get a 330. In '65 you could get the basic Coronet (2 or 4 door sedan), Coronet 440 (2 door hardtop or 4 door sedan and maybe a vert- not sure), and Coronet 500 (2 door hardtop or convertible). Love that color!!
  4. I have never seen anything like this before and am in total awe! Absolutely amazing!! Every pic you have shown looks like a real 1/1 car. Being a Olds guy I see things on the engine that I seem to remember removing and replacing on a 1/1 Olds. It's that realistic. Steve, you are a true artist...
  5. Absolutely amazing job, Steve. Just unbelievable the detail!! Love the paint too...
  6. Excellent work on this model!! I am not a expert model builder as you and most of the guys on this site are, but I enjoy looking at what you artists can do. I never comment on the builds though I thought I had better before you complete your excellent 68 442 W 30. There were no REAR red fender wells on any Oldsmobiles. There were some on some Pontiac GTO,s I've heard though I never seen them. Olds W30's did have red front inner fenders. The article others have referenced in Hemmings is in error. If you read that article all the way thru past the ads to the replies you will see a reply from Joe
  7. John, great job. Wow what really caught my eye is the wrecked #25 in your pic. That looks amazing!! How did you do that??
  8. You have very great abilities, and know how to use them. Simply amazing!! Congratulations!
  9. Wow that is so unusual. I always liked the monster models but I don't remember seeing it. Great job on the detail!
  10. Thanks Art, Yep I think it is playing mantis, sounds familiar and ABS also sounds familiar. Kit isn't here but I will check. I wonder if ABS is the same a PVC pipe? Use that PVC glue? Thanks again, Greg.
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