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  1. Some of the outlaw racers call the front end extensions "Pecker Extenders" Very nice detail, the only thing is a Pro Mod would not have a belt-driven water pump. Most blown Pro Mods would have the fuel pump mounted there.
  2. I think the turn signals were on toggle switches on the dash,
  3. Very nice work so far, you might look into moving the rear wheel well back just a little or shortening the bed between the wheel wells and the tailgate. Going to be a cool ride !!
  4. When I get one, I'll put up some pix, he said late January.
  5. Fireball Modelworks is going to make me the carb in 1/12 scale
  6. a 10.5 Outlaw car will have a rear slick with a 10.5" width designation. The height can be 28", 29.5", 31", or 33". The height varies according the fitment on the car and chassis. 31x10.5 is common.
  7. Thanks Guys for the help. I just ordered some parts from Shapeways, so I have looked for them all over that site with no luck. I just emailed Fireball about them.
  8. Does anyone 3D print a Holley carb with the correct "Lemans" float bowls as was used on the GT40s ?
  9. I am looking for a complete, unbuilt Monogram Miller Mustang IMSA Racer kit. I have a selection of sealed NASCAR kits to chose from for trading.
  10. It's supposed to be a Accel Turbosonic setup. The carb set on top of the adapter and the turbo drew the air/fuel mixture through the carb and blew it through the bottom half of the adapter into the intake.
  11. With the carbon fiber parts that I have had experience with (Drag Cars), it's not that the paint is transparent and you can see the carbon through the paint, but it's the fact that carbon has a texture that shows up. It's the fact that the surface that is painted has a weave texture that shows through the paint. Unless there is a lot of sanding and blocking, then it becomes invisible because the surface is smooth. This is my experience with race cars, no experience at all with exotics.
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