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  1. That sounds serious Kurt... anything to add? Hope all is well with your family, Cheers Misha
  2. IMSA Camaro Update... It’s great to see all the builds progressing with such a variety of vehicles, yahoo! Been absent from the model bench with the summer like weather in the Cowichan Valley, yet did find time on the weekend to add more colour to the interior and chassis. Still a ton of parts to be primered though. Combining the interior with the body at this stage offers a coordinated colour scheme and lessens the starkness of the vinyl top against the body which I’m much happier with. Once more of the interior is done I’ll be moving to the L 71 motor
  3. Sweet ride Sam and a great save! Thanks for sharing your build, it was a terrific feat. Cheers Misha
  4. Another great tutorial Allan! You shown a simple yet effective way to fade aways along the length of a body, the Fireball 500 being an excellent example for this technique. Also found your thread on rust treatments very informative and it has moved me a bit further to attempt such a finish as I have been a shiny finish modeller, being somewhat skittish to model a patina finish. Cheers Misha
  5. Thanks for the great tutorial and for including photos to illustrate you work Allan. I’m an old dog learning new tricks, your tip to drill all the way thru the interior and chassis to help adjust the height of the roll bar assembly is a big help. Although when it comes to the interior glass, I would tend to trim off the excess runners, especially when the windshield and rear glass are connected to allow for a tighter fit between the top of the roll bar assembly and the roof. Always enjoy seeing jigs that are created for special tasks, thanks again Allan. Cheers Misha
  6. Thanks Rusty, here is the link to the WIP thread on the Phaeton, the Vicky WIP thread has already lost its photos. I haven’t posted Under Glass threads on either, so perhaps I’ll do that soon. Both Deuces were built for two separate Deuce Days in Victoria at which our club hosts a display of scale versions. Cheers Misha Sent from my iPad
  7. Congrats to all the participants on this round, it’s great to see such a high percentage of completed builds! I’m really enjoying the BOYD thread, having completed two long standing projects and I’m on for the next round. I would like to complete a build that was last touched in April of 2014, seven years ago, of a Chopped T Altered. It is based on the DD kit utilizing the altered chassis with the Hemi and mounting the chopped T body with a candy red paint scheme. Been awhile since the above photo and I don’t remember whether the silver base was enamel or lacquer, so to be safe I’m le
  8. That has turned out great Sam. All your patient work is paying off, congrats! Cheers Misha
  9. Hi Kurt, actually there will be two systems in place with a civilian single exhaust exiting the rear fascia being switched with a wireless solenoid gate between the open exhausts, which, to help “stealth” are exiting on the passenger side. Also note tow hook attachment, just in case! The plan is to appear like a “secretary’s ride” from a distance. Once stopped, the time spent is a huge penalty, so evade detection by modern means (including a spotter aircraft) and go like stink when it’s safe. To help night time high speed runs the car will be equipped with forward and rearward infr
  10. An overdue update on my IMSA Camaro build... Been spending time scratchbuilding and modifying parts for the interior of the Camaro. As stealth is a key component the car will be equipped with cutting edge electronics to detect and evade! In addition the bare bones interior requires some greater detail, such door panel armrests and road going amenities, such as a cooler for drinks and snacks! Most of the time has been spent masking and painting. The body now has its Champagne Gold colour with a light yellow vinyl top. The engine bay is in semi-gloss black awaiting more paint detail. T
  11. Isn’t this the original old Aurora kit, certainly looks like it on the sprues. Monogram had a one piece shell of the 904 which did double duty as their slot car as well. Seems odd to see the Hasegawa label attached to this re-release. Cheers Misha
  12. Perhaps the most recent offender of flat earth reflectors is the 63 Nova wagon, the only real major defect with that kit. Good to see the various remedies, thanks Misha
  13. Another option for the engine, following up on Josh’s suggestion, would be to use the premixed washes from Tamiya (enamel based) or the range of Vellejo washes (acrylic based) that are applied with a brush. It would deepen the recesses and create greater depth to the engine. Cheers Misha
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