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  1. Travelling around the neighbourhood on southern Vancouver Island spotted this early VW Type 2 and the 64 Goat. The Volkswagen’s cockpit is very aircraft like with the sliding side windows and the flat multiple panes. The gorgeous yellow GTO was out at Island View Beach and resembles an early build of mine from the 80s. The replica Cobra was in downtown Duncan parked behind our Jeep. Cheers Misha
  2. Here is a useful chart that cross references the new LP line of bottled Tamiya lacquers for airbrushing, with the TS spray bombs and the recently available (at least in Canada) small bottles of enamel paints. For airbrushing the typical ratio is one to one of paint to thinner. Hope this is useful! Cheers Misha
  3. Screen shot from yesterday….
  4. Congrats Russ for taking the plunge and offering up a WIP with your 37 Ford! I had never realized what a cool chassis is under the Smoothster; give me all sorts of ideas. Looking forward to following your build all the way to final colour and assembly. Cheers Misha
  5. That looks very sharp Phil! Another great piece of history, looking forward to your build. Cheers Misha
  6. Amazing work Yura! As others have said, the photos, the detailed execution of all the components such as the interior, engine and especially the headlights, are highlights of your build. The total look with the colour scheme results in a magnificent Chev C10. Bravo!!! Cheers Misha Koslovsky
  7. That's pretty Wild, Grant! Very cool body mods, especially incorporating the front grill. Plus the shadow paint on the panel sides. Congrats on a very imaginative and well built rail. Cheers Misha
  8. That’s a great find Brandon! I came across this same kit, as well as the McLaren Elva from the same series. Mine had the decals missing so it is interesting to see that the sheet includes the Lola markings as well. AMT & Monogram did a fairly decent job of making the slot bodies into static kits back in the early sixties at a lower price than the full detail kits. We are fortunate to find these kits as they are the only examples around for most of them. Cheers Misha
  9. Wow! What a great idea. I also use a set of barrister cabinets for my finished work, now I have some more work to do. Your case looks fabulous Grant, will you be expanding it to the other units? Cheers Misha
  10. I heartily agree with Tom! I’m sixty-nine and was fortunate to retire early which has allowed me to get back to model work much in the same way as it was as a kid; it was my main activity apart from school during those years. Now I enjoy my stash, have a wide array of tools, have a workbench room and a paint room. While I have health issues I am still able to carry on with building allowing me great satisfaction. When I do reach a time when I’m unable to do so… well, perhaps I’ll reduce the stash by offering it to fellow club members. I would rather the kits go to fellow modellers that I know
  11. Misha


    Gosh, it even went to the other coast and crossed the Canada -USA and onto Vancouver Island to land in the Cowichan Valley!!! Cheers Misha 😉
  12. Welcome to the Forum Steve! That is a stunning build showing great thought and execution. I’ll chime in with everyone asking for photos, especially the chassis and running gear. The body mods are sensational! Great to see another Canadian on board here; which part of the Great White North do you live in? Be looking forward to your other builds, cheers Misha
  13. Finished a long stalled build thanks to a recent B.O.Y.D. thread. It’s the first completion from a large selection of Porsche kits in the stash. Learned a lot about body detail painting, especially the black trim, so hoping to accomplish a better finish by airbrushing rather than the ole brush method. Cheers Misha
  14. Great conversion Patrick! Perfect for the West Coast out in my neck of the woods. I truly enjoy enjoy all your various builds and the imagination behind them, thanks for the ideas and inspiration. Cheers Misha
  15. Misha

    Revell 2009 ZR1

    Congrats Marcos on a beautiful build! The stunning colour combined with the perfect carbon fibre application really stands out with all the reflected light sparkles. Cheers Misha
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