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  1. Got the chassis painted and the body primed. Wired the engine. Car is going to be citrus green and black. Shortened the bottom edge of the side skirts.
  2. Thanks. This is my second short track that I have built did an IMCA modified a couple years ago. Everything on that was scratched except the chassis.
  3. Here it is with the side skirts on and the grill drilled and front valance done. Hoping to paint today.
  4. Made a little more progress on the stocker. Got the filler panels done. Made some side skirts, didn't take pics of them. The tires are dirt track tires that I narrowed. The hood is scratched from 0.040 styrene. As always comments welcomed.
  5. Got some of the front bars done. Need a little finishing.
  6. cheyenne93


    That would be sweet. P.M. me and let me know. Thanks
  7. Yall have given me some food for thought. Thanks
  8. I have bean kicking that idea around. Gotta find me a practice tire in the stash. Thanks
  9. Making a little progress on the street stock. Got chassis fitting. Made some interior panels and firewall. Going to scratch build all the support bars for the front. As always comments welcome.
  10. cheyenne93


    So I'm looking for a pair or a set of these tires for a dirt street stock I'm building. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know what you gotta have for them. Thanks
  11. I recently purchased an LSX from iceman, and after a little trimming and paint looks very good. Couldn't be more pleased for the $.
  12. I have some sprint car tires. They are a little to big for the stance I'm going for. But thanks for the input.
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