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  1. It hasn’t been polished, I’ve recently started using a 2k clear made by SMS lacquers
  2. Thankyou sir, it needs to be tidy or my OCD drives me insane ?
  3. That’s the stock height my man ??
  4. First one for 2020 ? Painted with SMS lacquers
  5. Hey everyone So my local hobby store has just started stocking the premium airbrush range from Vallejo. Now on the Vallejo website it says this paint is for fiberglass/ Lexan and a few others but doesn’t mention styrene. I would like to use this for their Black as it comes in big bottles Have any of you guys used it? If so how is it? Does it react with styrene? What primer did you use? thanks in advance
  6. SnozzaP

    2019 My Way

    Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy my completed builds for the year. Thanks for all the kind words this year i look forward to seeing everyone’s creations in 2020 1940 Ford Delivery 1969 Dodge Charger 1953 Chev Corvette 1953 Ford F100 1978 Ford F250 2X Ford Model A 1949 Mercury Coupe 1970 Plymouth Cuda 1961 Chev Impala 1960 Ford Ranchero 1937 Ford Delivery 1955 Chev Pickup 1972 Ford Bronco
  7. Hey everyone, Managed to scrape one more in before the new year.
  8. SnozzaP

    2019 Builds

    Great collection here. That Chevelle is Purttyyyy!
  9. Outstanding collection.. what paint did you use on that corvette?
  10. I like it as it is.. looks like something Mr Shelby would be test driving when creating his cobra.
  11. I’d have to agree.. but that’s just the name of their paint. It’s the right shade of yellow I was after
  12. Here is my Ford Bronco from Revell painted in SMS school bus yellow
  13. I should mention that this is AMTs “little eliminator” kit
  14. That is the only engine option that came within the kit.
  15. You are absolutely right, I didn’t even notice that, I will attend to this
  16. This is my 60 Ranchero from AMT This is certainly an OLD kit. It might be a new release of it but the mould lines and flash were difficult to handle. Not to mention the A pillar was wonky, needed to reheat and re shape the a pillar and roof stance. Very limited parts, and not a lot of great detail. For that reason I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it. But hey I’m still happy with the way it looks, will do nicely in the display cabinet ☺️ Thanks for looking
  17. Hey everyone, Here is my latest build, a 61 impala. Painted in MrAqueous Emerald green i hope you like it ??
  18. It was model master anthracite grey metallic enamel, and then mr hobby aqueous clear red over the top
  19. They were decals. My steady hand is not coming hat good lol
  20. Hey all hope you like my 37 panel wagon completely box stock
  21. Hey Mate, that’s the Enamel by testors model master. The primer I used was tamiya grey primer in a spray can.
  22. Looks great. Love the smooth black ?
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