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  1. Looks great. One of my favorite automobiles.
  2. That is sharp Micelle. Really mean looking.
  3. Really nice. Hard kit to come by now.
  4. That is really nice. I don't know if this will help or not but I've put the glass in place and held it in place with painters tape. Then use the clear glue in a few key spots that wouldn't be noticeable.
  5. I don't go to HL anymore because I liked being able to buy what I wanted with the 40% off coupon. I have all the kits they have. And I didn't see the Molotow chrome pens the last time I went.
  6. I think your's look great Al. I like the weathered look though I've never tried doing it before. I like the ball on top of the antenna. 🙂
  7. Got this kit in the mail today. It was originally listed as missing a tail light but then the seller found it taped to the convertible boot.
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