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  1. Tim - I remember always looking forward to reading the column in Street Rodder - Bill was a good story teller On with my build - I was not happy with the Revell take on the finned oil pan on the motor. I can se how this came about due to the shape of the motor as it was moulded in two halves with the oil pan incorporated with the motor. Answer was to machine up a block of plastic to represent the fins and to glue that ono the motor and shape it up. Un fortunately the Cobra script got sanded off in the shaping process. Pix are of milling the fins and the motor with fins added
  2. I measured the T frame and wheel base is 99mm. I them mocked up the A guards with the Lil John chassis and got a measurement of 106mm so I will need to stretch the frame by that amount. I ended up by gluing on a piece of 3x1.5mm rectangular on which I had picked up the rear cross member and shock mounting tabs. I then relocated the mounting points for the rear end radius rods. The rear tubular cross member will be replaced by some 1.6mm round stock as it mounts the disc brake calipers This should put the tires into the rear fenders better. I will need to work on the splash apron as the fr
  3. Thanks Alan The rear fenders are huge and need fairly large diameter tyres to fill them. On the Lil John T he must have fabbed new rear fenders to match the tyres he used. They have a smaller radius than the originals I think I have seen a pix of the frame stretch somewhere so will look at that but the rear does need to be lifted up so may end up doing something along the lines of what @tim boyddid. May a combo of the two May be a few days as a "real" project in the "real" workshop has priority on my free time at the moment
  4. I think it depends on the amount of chop My thoughts are: 2" and you can slant the A pillars back 3" either will work but slanting the pillars may end up being too much 4" you will need to stretch the roof between to A and B pillars
  5. I bet the corner handling with those vinyl tires would be a lot of fun A nice build too
  6. Here is a shot of the firewall. The brake booster is a Chebby item and the chassis at this point has been modified for the Jag XJ6 front end And a shot of drivers side chassis with motor in place - not original 315 Poly but an LA360
  7. For my rendition I am looking at the Lil John Buttera T chassis. I pulled the chassis from under the 34 I built years ago - what a struggle. I seem to remember that it was a mission to get the body mated to the chassis when I built it originally. The idea is to eyeball the chassis under the guards to see what is needed. @tim boyddid one yonks ago as posted earlier in this thread The T chassis as removed The front end looks good but will need to be moved forward a little - needs work around the apron - I may take it out altogether. At the rear I have recessed
  8. Thanks Zippi Still hammering away at small stuff. Found the front shocks were too long so made up some more from round and tube stock. Ribs are cores from some small electronics type wire I needed a tach to fit to the overhead console. Turned one up out of some ally bar on my lathe. Added a gauge face had printed up for the project and filled the front recess with 5min epoxy
  9. I wondered how you chopped the A pillar. Looked through the Fotki link - Aha - I like it - I may use this method on my next 32 chop. Easier than stretching the turret and cutting a section from the A pillar and leaning it back
  10. Cool hot rod. Stance, colour, engine choice spot on
  11. Hi Alan Cool build of that old kit. Love the front end treatment and interior mods Should drop a 241 hemi from an AlaKart into it. You are way past the original banger modified theme and the 241 would fit in with a junkyard raid engine. You could always pass it off as a 315 as this was the largest of the Dodge hemi's I believe
  12. As an owner of a real deal 56 Dodge CRL coupe you have got the details very accurate. The 55 and 56 chassis were the same but the convertible has an X member for additional strength The front body mount is a U shaped piece welded to the front cross member and does not have a wedge shaped tunnel that carries on to the back of the cross member that is depicted in one of you renderings I have attached an image of that area and of the spring pocket area of the front cross member The front end shown under the Dodge chassis is a Jag XJ6 that I installed in place of the original - a l
  13. What a blast from the past. I built one way back when and it still looks OK. It builds up into a nice model. With the ravages of time I see the screen and motor need to be glued back in
  14. A cool ride - nice colour too. I too have used the Ala Kart interior in a couple of my Model A builds and they have come out OK. The Ala Kart chrome windshield/dash combo fits too
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