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  1. I have a very nice kit of the '69 Hurst Olds.  Tell me about the Corvette kit?

  2. Glad I saw this. I was considering getting a bottle. I buy from Scalefinishes because I have received top notch customer service and very reasonable delivery times. I ordered Ford glacier blue paint once. When I got it, the color wasn't what I expected, and totally my fault. I got what I ordered. I asked what the correct color would be for what I was looking for, and not only did he tell me, but he sent me a bottle at no charge. Again...I ordered the wrong color. Totally my fault and he still sent me the right color (the one I should have ordered) at no charge. He earned my business for life with that.
  3. This one. This is 22 year old me... with my 72 Corvette. I won't get into why I sold it, but suffice to say it had something to do with my wanting a brand new 1991 MR2 turbo...which was also cool... but.... Sure wish i still had this one.
  4. Literally my favorite car in my favorite color... I'd still be crying if I had that an sold it. My uncle had this exact car and it was the 1st time I ever went over a hundred.... I was 12 or so I guess. I have coveted this car ever since. He sold his too. I'm not sure he regrets it, given the plethora of cool cars he has had since. But for me...this is the one. This is my #1.... This is my lottery car.
  5. I agree with Wayne as the cloth that you use to polish can cause the scratches. The best that i have found is a really old cotton t shirt. Interestingly what is even better are those shoe buffers that they used to put in Hotel rooms. I haven;t found anything better but good luck finding them anymore.
  6. Same here on my 2006 Mustang GT. I went on Saturday to do the drivers and they forgot to order the parts. So now I have to go back twice as well. My wife won't even ride in it until its fixed...
  7. I haven't used it in years but I always applied with a soft wide brush. It is self leveling so you brush it on, sit the body on a paper towel, and do not touch it until its totally dry. It comes out OK. I never tried to polish it back then, but I liked to cover the molded in color models with future. It looked almost as good as paint back then when put on color molded plastic. If you put it on a white car it will definitely yellow over time, and not a lot of time either (a couple years). It definitely is a quick and dirty way to get a clear coat.
  8. yeah I see that too. Not really noticeable on the shelf as it is when its all zoomed up, which is probably why I never noticed it..
  9. It's model master enamel systems...only it says gloss lacquer. I'm thinking it must be enamel. It already looks yellowed in the bottle, but the model is black so I think it'll be OK.
  10. I switched too. I love that I can paint it any color. Go light though because the paint can pool on it and make it look ugly if you spray too heavy. Spray light coats. It doesn't take much to cover it. This was before - while I was applying it. Regular white embossing powder. And after I primed and painted it. I have never not primered it, but I am sure it would be fine without primer.
  11. I recently tried Don Yost's method of painting using the good ole old Testors enamel small bottle paint, and cheap Wal-Mart lacquer thinner... I just got probably the smoothest and shiniest paint jobs I ever did (at least before polishing). I think I can hear Don saying "See I told you so" ! Anyway, this is a clear coat question. While this is nice and shiny, I do want to clear it. I bought a bottle of Testors clear. The label says Testors Model Master Custom Enamel System, but the name is gloss lacquer. Did I buy the correct clear ? Is this clear enamel but just named "gloss lacquer" ? I don't want to hit my nice enamel paint job with lacquer and ruin it. JJ
  12. IMHO the most beautiful woman god ever put on this earth...I had her poster(s) as a teenager and my mother hated them haha I never dug the notchback Mustang !!. That was very glorified Pinto-ish. The Fastback I always liked. I guess they didn't really call it a fact back but it's a mustang sooo......
  13. Other on line sources have them for standard price. 20-25 bucks plus shipping. For whatever reason Amazon kit prices are usually really high (all kits). Ebay has 2 under 20 bucks right now. Model round up has them priced at regular pricing.
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