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  1. Dann I am loving this build, you sure have did a great job so far.
  2. Great start Joe, I always loved the Willys. Will be following this build.
  3. On the bench now: 1/12 69 Camaro Pro Mod (90% of parts have arrived, chassis about 80% done) 1/12 69 Camaro Steam Punk edition. (my daughter challenged me, that their was no way old dad would be able to pull off steam punk. Don't know what the heck it is but am not going to let her punk me if I can't pull it off.) 1/16 VW bus wheel stander. (Kit is ordered, 3d printed wheels ordered about 5% right now.) 1/16 69 Chevelle Pro Mod. (Have the body only) 1/16 Super Stretched Peterbilt (Have the kit, not started.) That is about two years worth of work so won't be addi
  4. I truly agree with Tom the detail of the parts that Ron prints on his printers is very detailed, Ron does a great job.
  5. No Shapeways does the 3d printing, Ron and TDR (Tim) Submit the scaled designs for the printing.
  6. Got parts coming from Ron myself, I asked him about the cleaning and he said that he had already soaked them in alcohol to clean them. But I will do a re soak after dry fitting everything before priming. Henry is correct Ron does a very good job and has been very helpful.
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