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  1. Very beautiful Buick. All is said above, I just keep admiring your model.
  2. Going forward with this '55. i got the interior painted, just black and a bit aluminium on the inner skins of the doors. The roll cage is orange. I made a simple race seat to the drivers side. The plug wires got installed, and when I get the radiator hoses bent, the engine compartment is done.
  3. Thanks everybody. Snake, the front end is from this AMT kit, I just made some small changes. I got the roll cage in, and the self made valve covers too. The my own made radiator was a tight fit, but it's there finally. The rear wheels need some bolts, the engine needs the distributor. The radiator needs them hoses. I don't know, what kind of exhaust pipes the real car had, but I'll put some sort of pipes under it.
  4. There's photos in the web on the owners page, but I don't want to post them anywhere. If you put on google Auliz.fi you will find lots of photos of his great street and race cars. Also this '55. Today I put orange paint on white primer (first I put light gray to cover those bondos) the orange didn't make perfect but I think it's ok. Also two coats of clear varnish.
  5. This '55 was a real street/strip car in Finland in the '80ies. It had a SBC 355 engine with TH400 trans. Raced with limited money it was built by the driver from used and salvage parts, but it was very fast. I've built many old finnish street/strip car models, and for sure this won't be the last one.
  6. Thank you very much, Snake45. In this case it was easy to start with the GTO, as the kit was already available, actually two similiar kits. I'd like to do this again, as this one may leave my shelf.
  7. Thanks everybody for your kind comments. There's a few mistakes I made but after all I'm quite happy with the result. Chevelle body could be a bit easier starting point, if one could find other than wagon kit. The bumpers are always the big challenge when it's a 60-70 Buick. But they were and still are so great cars.
  8. Hi there. This Buick was made using '64 Pontiac GTO kit. I made new bumpers, new flipping hood , modified the sides. The chassis is GTO. I made new thick exhaust pipes and the SBC 400 cid got TH400 transmission. Lots of self made parts were placed under the hood. There's a building story in Work in Progress. The real car is in Finland. Thanks for looking, feel free to comment.
  9. Thanks fellows, I think this Buick Skylark 1965 is now ready to go Under The Glass. I added the rear view mirror, exhaust pipes, the antenna and it is now registered too. All kind of parts went under the hood. The B&M shifter for the TH400 transmission was made too, but unfortunately I didn't take any photos of it or the interior. The knob on the shifter is a scratch made 8-ball.
  10. I hear you, Larry. I've been modifying '64 GTO to '65 Skylark. Those bumpers really give a challenge. Good luck with your interesting project.
  11. Cheers Gerald! Thanks for the kind words. Today I had time to put some chrome trims to the body shell. Also I managed to make those thin black and red stripes to the sides. One section still to do. There's somerhing blocking the chassis to sit perfectly to the body, when I insert the glasses. I went outside of the house, before losing it and doing something stupid.
  12. Thanks Patrick, '66 Buick could be the perfect solution, but I don't have that kit and don't want to buy one now. Instead I cut a slice of red transparent plastic and bent it slightly from the ends and from the middle too. Then I added few narrow strings of chrome tape and now I have some sort of tail light panel for this Buick. In the middle, above the license plate, I will put the Buick logo decal. It could be better for sure, but I'm guite pleased with it. Also I needed a three spoke Grant steering wheel, but my stock was empty. Had to make one.
  13. Great duo of Buicks, Chris. Today I went and got a new paint , this time it's more orange. Good enough. I put also clear laquer on it. There will be two narrow lines between those upper and lower tones, atleast I'll try to paint them. The mask will be black, and the bumpers will have Molotow chrome on them.
  14. Yep the back end was modified with various narrow strings of Evergeen plastic, first one was flat then I glued maybe 4 or 5 thin strings where needed to get the shape of the deck lid look good enough. Very little bondo on top of them. Some filing was needed to the corners of the back end too. Also the bumper needed some small bits of plastic around the license plate hole. The deck lid was also carved where needed. I still wonder how to make the tail lights. Today I went to my spray booth and choose another silver, the first one was too bright. This has more gray in it, and when it was dr
  15. Silver first, then comes the other colour.
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