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  1. Hello, Just bitten by the desire to build a modern day big rig. Did you ever release either the Century or Columbia? Thanks
  2. That's great! I got here by looking for rear mounted bicycle racks for 1:24 scale cars. I want to mount the 1:24 scale IXO 1959 Mobilette on the rear of my Heller Renault 4CV. I was thinking that if the driver went on holiday to one of the medieval towns in Brittany or Normandy with narrow and steep winding streets he would be smart and use a gasoline powered bicycle for the Summer. Thank you for the inspiration
  3. I need a few of them if and whenever they make them. I built the "Vegas" issue in 1985 and painting that grill on the hood scoop was a real chore. The photoetch sets should include a set of portholes and a detailed method of measurement to accurately bore out the holes and place them.
  4. I can see that this is LATE! But, I did disassemble the 2007 and reassemble after personalizing. Motor Max 2007 "Law Enforcement And Public Service" In black. I swoped the interior and grill, with another Crown Vic, removed the push bars, covered the Gov'ment plates and mostly rid the build of those Way Too Tall tires. I found some nice tires in my parts boxes to better compliment the 9 spoke wheels, I sprayed the replacement grill with Spaztix Chrome, painted and detailed the dash, steering wheel, inner doors and radios, scratch built the added analog beacon from part
  5. I've just found one, expensive, but I've wanted to build one in tribute to my two years living in Honolulu (Fall '74 - Summer '76) Thanks for posting your pics, because I wasn't sure if this kit had the 454 badges on the hood.
  6. Anything that was played on Casey Kasem's American Top 40 "And coming in at number one this week..." With the song's intro playing in the background "with his third single this year to climb to the top spot; Barry White with You're My Everything"
  7. Did you get what you were looking for? I wish I had of read this post when it was new, because I am sure I have the smaller doggies in at least a couple of kits.
  8. I thought the only kit that had the 1956 Bel Air "full wheel covers" aka hubcaps, was the old Monogram kit, which is cast in the larger 1/24 scale. Are you guys saying that they actually made some of the fulls in 1/25? I was so disappointed not to find a set of these in the Revell/Monogram 1956 Nomad kit.
  9. Edsel D, Did you have any luck finding any new '66-'67 Charger hubcaps/Wheel covers? That's what brought me here, wanting to maybe use them on a new build. I did find the unchromed resin cast '68s at Fireball Modelworks, but I would like to try to get the older ones to see which I like the best.
  10. I really like the "stance" on yours. Looks realistic.
  11. Thanks Ace and Mark. I displayed mine on an engine stand next to my stock 1941 Plymouth coupe that I "copped out" with a long antenna and the driver's police spotlight from the Heller "Magpie" police Renault 4CV kit. The car was glued with Testor's and just recently fell apart and was added to a parts box, but that engine is still intact! Sorry to hear that about the Ala Kart reissue, I had a friend that waited and waited to either find one, or for it to be reissued.
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