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  1. Looking good! Especially the pin stripes!
  2. Love these old A-bros kustoms! Very nice work!
  3. Got that kit in my stash and I have to say that I love to see it with the original paint job! Great job!
  4. Old school, I love it! Nice decal on the rear axle! 😁
  5. Nice Chevy, looks good! Love the swamp cooler!
  6. Nice weathering and just the right stance! Would like to see more of this build...
  7. Nice looking Nissan! Great paint job as always and I really like the custom front!
  8. very nice detail work, Joseph! I built this car for a friend some years ago using a Scale Production resin transit. Had a lot of fun scratch building and detailing the trunk so I really appreciate the work you are investing here. Can't wait to see you version finished!
  9. Super nice! Great paint, great wheels, great stance, great style... just great!!!
  10. Very nice build! Looking forward to se some more of your work in the future!
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