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  1. Looks great. I agree the 200GT looks awesome as a convertible. Nice work converting the hardtop kit.
  2. Looks great. I've got one of those in my stash. You really made a snap kit look awesome.
  3. Looks great. I love old Cadillacs.
  4. Looks great as a ragtop. Well done.
  5. Looks great. Nice bright paint.
  6. Looks great as a convertible. Well executed. The boot looks just right.
  7. Well done. Love the color.
  8. Trim looks great. Watching this closely as I have one in my pile of unbuilt kits.
  9. Very nice looking Corvette. Always liked the 68-72 model.
  10. Turned out great. Cool idea and very well executed.
  11. Those look great. Its a nice contrast to see the blue and white ones sitting next to each other.
  12. Looks amazing. Well done.
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