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  1. So I got this kit for Christmas and I been lazy with working on models lately and with this I'm trying to get back. As soon as i got the kit i knew what I was gonna do with build a Minnesota Highway Patrol Car, so I found the decals on Ebay and I went on from there
  2. MY Entry The 1969 Ford Mustang Driven By David Carradine In The 1976 Movie Cannonball
  3. awesome looking mustang i love the yellow and black
  4. For My First Build I am building the slicer from HB Halicki's Gone In 60 Seconds Which he sadly didn't finished because he tragically while filming but theres 33 minutes of carnage and destruction left. I made the slicer out of styrene and I have got it painted and lade out like I want it so now to try to build a chassis!
  5. woah cool project im also doing a gone in 60 seconds build but the slicer from gin6s 2
  6. looks great! one of favorite 80s nascars on my build list
  7. I haven't got it cut out yet I just have it marked out and have started cutting but its been forever since I worked on it
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