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  1. Brace your self,...More to come.
  2. Shot some primer just to see everything blended in
  3. Were I am with this Kustom. One side so far. I want to see how it looks before doing both. The taillight will ride right above the bumper giving the corners a sunken look. Might blend in the splash pan,we will see how the rest looks with primer first.
  4. Final step was to polish both pieces to yield a smooth casting, specialy with the clear lense
  5. Tail light patterns finished. Lense will be cast in clear red
  6. Thank you. You should check out my other work. I am a pattern maker. Not clothing but car parts. Mostly engine parts like valve covers
  7. Any lower and would have been a nightmare to get the roof to flow with the rear glass. I had to use a section from a 49 merc roof and some reshaping to the plastic. It was my first 50 Olds and a headache for I was driving blind. At theend im very happy. Now for the smalker kustom touches.
  8. Used the Revell kit. I rounded the front fender to much at the wheel opening and will get corrected to look more like the real fender,will be droping it some while at it. Nor sure how much i choped or or removed from the deck lid when pie sectioned. Skirts will get extended downwards and quater reworked to accept kustom taillight bezels.
  9. Gee! Thanks! I nailed it after all. That was my intention. I broke the chop apart twice because I wasnt happy with it. Kept at it for months like all my chops till I felt pleased.
  10. Ill let the pics do the rest of the talking,..I'm not even half ways with the work just wanted to see it in primer?? 1940 Ford Kustom with photo etch Caddy LaSalle gril (not shown)
  11. Skirts kill the flow imo
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