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  1. Awesome job! Here's a photo of me with the Cougar and David Carter's '51 Business Coupe restomod. It had a Studebaker V8 and 3-speed overdrive from a pickup, Vintage A/C, etc. He sold it to a Studebaker fan who drove it all the way across the U.S. Afterwards he did a Karmann Ghia electric conversion before he passed away just a few years ago.
  2. Fantastic! I remember a ride in the back seat of one from Zurich to the Burgundy region of France and back in the early 80s.
  3. Really nice - I may have bought a '68 Cougar from the same seller (attached photo is how I finished it). I found a never-completed '67 kit with original box for $62 on E-bay a couple years ago - Only the engine had been glued together and painted red over 50 years previously. That seller even included an October, '66 issue of Motor Trend which had the '67 Cougar, Camaro, and Mustang on the cover!
  4. Tiger89


    Awesome models.
  5. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/11/20/ohmss-mercury-cougar-auction/
  6. Olli, your models are outta-sight! I loved seeing them.
  7. Agreed, Oliver. As an owner of a real '68 Cougar, I have a fondness to this car, and being half-Swiss, I like the scenes filmed in Switzerland. We went up the Schilthorn with its Bond Museum two years ago, and they recently found the barn where the marriage proposal happened, located near the Lake of Thun.
  8. Thanks, Larry. I think I can fix that wonky chassis positioning, but will let the model sit for a week or so before attempting it.
  9. This was my second convertible conversion from AMT's old kit. The AMT '73 Cougar kit has the convertible top boot, and I used the chassis and engine bay from that kit, which are the same parts as were in MPC's old '69-'73 Cougars. Sadly, I superglued the chassis onto the body crooked this morning, and I'm not going to try and correct it. Interesting subject-one of the three Cougars used in the movie sold at auction in London for $481,000 last December. The top-down scenes filmed in Portugal showed the car without the ski rack- all scenes filmed in the Swiss Alps including James' marriage p
  10. Andy, the A/C compressor and hoses are from the AMT '62 Thunderbird. At a show/swap meet in January, a vendor was selling two of those kits in one box for $15, likewise Revell's '70 Boss 429 Mustang, so I grabbed both deals.
  11. Gerry will answer Facebook PMs. Canadian, from British Columbia. His prices are reasonable and shipping fast. I've also done one of his '58 Ford 300s and a '68 Cougar.
  12. Nice, some people complain about this kit, but I don't find any fitment issues at all with it. It's much better than AMT's old '68 GT-500.
  13. Correct, Rex, Gerry did supply the body interior tub, dashboard, 2 seats and 2 headrests. Cleanup took a little over an hour - a Dremel Multimax sanding tool comes in handy. I should have glued the dash a tad lower-body fitment was a little tricky for that reason.
  14. Just finished using the excellent Revell kit, an aftermarket resin body and standard interior with no console, and a few parts box pieces. It's not perfect, but probably my best resin result yet. Traction bars came eight to a set from Shapeways.
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