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  1. Have not been here for over a year, other projects on the go, but I thought I would drop another picture now that I am itching to get back to the bench. Thanks!
  2. Wow what a special piece. Well done, it is beautiful to look at
  3. Beautiful MR2. Really great to see one of these on the forum. Thanks
  4. Digging that colour- and the tint on the windscreen.
  5. Utterly mint build, very eye catching!
  6. Excellent diorama effect Fine looking wheels!
  7. It IS a car! And one of the family of my favorite cars... We currently own three 1:1 Subarus! -lovely job, makes me want to add a Brat to my collection! Thanks
  8. I now realise that I put 1/16 in the title, and it appears in Big Boys. This is an error; it is in fact 1/18 scale. Title now correct.
  9. Modifications to the standard model include; Exhaust tips lengthened, inlet trumpets lengthened, rear piggy-back transmission oil cooler, all hoses, control cables through cockpit, steering/suspension arms and brackets at front, naca ducting, body pin recesses and riveted body fairings. It is indeed a 1/18th model. One of Tamiya’s first plastic cars, and originally battery-powered motor-driven in original 1970 format. It still has the battery compartments and their hinged covers in the chassis side pods on this 1995 version.
  10. And here are the naked shots if you missed them ‘on the bench’:
  11. After taking these pictures I can see some small details need to be finished. But no rush. I am however very happy with the body and engine modifications; the Naca ducts on the doors and body pin recesses, plus the riveted-on fairing over the oil cooler and rear wheels make a huge difference to the whole piece. All in all I am satisfied with my first (finished) scale car model in decades!
  12. Some full daylight sunshine pics as ordered. I need to work on a show stand for these models...
  13. I just need to add a rear view mirror and fix the paint on the sills, and maybe add some seatbelts. The driver is included, but I don’t think I shall use it.
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