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  1. I won’t order kits on line from HL unless it doesn’t have the multiple choice in there. I ordered one from them a while back and luckily got another kit I wanted thankfully……
  2. I have a set on a build of mine that I believe like said came from an old MPC Ford van. I have a 1:1 86 F150 I built a model of years ago and never did fix the bed issue but is something that really makes me not like the build and one of these days I'll start over..
  3. My dad was born in 39 and my mom in 40 so they would have been very young then, almost makes you feel like your there..... Thanks for sharing...
  4. I'm glad to hear your not sick or anything I'm a bit younger than you but understand the nobody in my family is into the hobby, I don't even know anyone locally at all that is in to it. You could take pictures of them might be easier then listing and sometimes that common kit is just what someone is looking for,,,,
  5. Times like these I wish we were aloud to sell here and would love to see what your selling but anyway, I do think you would get a lot more selling it off piece by piece rather than as a lot...
  6. I’ve had all 3 of them at one time or another but it’s been a while, glad you found what you needed….
  7. The bronze colored conv. Should have the bumpers you need if memory serves me right the other two have nerf bumpers
  8. I use Duplicolor Acrylic Enamel spray over it, the duplicolor paints are very sensitive to humidity though..
  9. Revell made a hard top and a convertible with the seats you want in it. The seats in the chop top bug are factory seats, I'm sure there are probably more releases but these should have what you want.
  10. Yeah me too, I had someone tell me about it and I watched the first 2 seasons on Hulu, I think it’s a really good show…
  11. Ok I'll list some of mine Emergency Adam 12 MASH Golden Girls Miami Vice Justified Big Bang Theory Two and a half men Breaking Bad Better Call Saul The Sopranos Last Man Standing and lately I've been watching this show on FX called "Mr Inbetween" really good show and one of the only current shows I watch.
  12. I think for people with really big stashes what they are showing is basically not a big deal, however the people like me that have built for a long time but never really had a stash until resent years there are a lot of kits there I would love to get my hands on including some of the Nascar stuff as I build them…
  13. WOW!!!! Man that thing is quite too..... that's where the future is headed.
  14. The quick answer is No, not all paints are equal. There are a lot of things that make them different including type of acrylic. Calling paint acrylic is very generic and there are many different kinds as well as you will find many people have different preferences. Anything you try for the first time you are better off testing on some spare parts or plastic spoons.
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