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  1. I was wondering the same thing LOL.... My spray booth is 2 plastic totes glued together with a filter and vent out the back of the bottom tote. I have a bilge fan hooked on it and vent it out the window. If I would have mounted some stuff differently it could definitely be portable.
  2. Bad fix I hate the beach, I would be at the BENCH or in the driveway working on my 1:1 86 F150... 😬
  3. No problem, sorry I couldn't help...
  4. I try to get an hour a day and just do a couple things, I build multiple kits at once so I can do a little on each during my hour. Only exception is I get a lot more vacation time than my wife so when I'm off and she isn't I'll spend a lot of time at the bench...
  5. Looks like custom suspension, engine and I guess the frame would be too so it could accommodate the suspension
  6. Ron, This kit according to the box is 1/24th but it is open box sealed bags inside, let me know if it will work for you if not not a problem
  7. I don’t know about the Revell but I do think the Monogram is 1/24th
  8. It should be complete but I would lol look though it for you when I get home to confirm and post some pics for you
  9. I have the 55 F100 from Monogram if that interest you
  10. I’ve been keeping an eye in mine as well and have seen no sale on it as of yet...
  11. ok I got it, so I could put a regular distributor in it but I have noticed the kit doesn't have an alternator so I would have to add one some how to properly change over.
  12. ok cool, so it should come out of the top but the side of that top piece, Thanks....
  13. I'm in the process of updating a build I did about 35 or 40 years ago. I built it long before I knew of anything but Testors products for building but had a fantastic paint job for my knowledge then. So I decided to rehab it using the original paint job and just rebuild it using BMF and adding some detail like plug wires and such. I noticed on the engine that it has a magneto rather than a standard distributor but I have no knowledge about them at all, would it normally just have plug wires out of the top of it just like a regular distributor? Pic of the magneto on the directions (#10) an
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