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  1. 3 hours ago, leafsprings said:

    IMO, they did not. The hubcap looks accurate, same general design, but it is too small in diameter.  Moebius put a downsized f250 hubcap on a 15 wheel in their earlier F 100 kits.  The '68 should have 16" or 16.5 wheels 8 lug wheels and a larger diameter hubcaps to fit a larger rim. If not, they blew it again.

    This photo appears to show some proper 8 lug 3/4 ton rims, in the lower left under the ramp. Kinda hard to tell, looks like maybe some 4x4 rims also 🤔 Some new tires would be great


  2. Finally calling this one finished. I am not sure how to move this thread to Under Glass, maybe one of you can help me out with how to do that. 

    This was a fun project, started using the Moebius '69 F100. Huge thanks to Bill for the great parts used to make it a '67 F100. I will say, those west coast mirrors certainly are not for the faint of heart. They are really REALLY fragile. It was a huge relief once I got them off the supports, painted, and on there in one piece. Only once they were attached did it occur to me that they were intended to be used on the narrower '65-'66 Moebius kit cab, so they lean outward slightly. Regardless, I am glad I got some pictures because sure enough, I busted one carrying the truck inside after taking photos. Oh well. I would still recommend them, they're worth the effort. 

    I glued the leaf springs lower on the frame than was instructed, so the stance is a bit raised in the rear.  I used the kit's wheel backs with the Rookie Resin steel wheels, which were a perfect fit on the kit tires. A strip of diamond plate from Detail Master was used behind the step bumper. The diamond patterns were nearly a perfect match. I also ditched the kit's red taillights. Instead I glued the bezels in, sanded them flush, and painted silver then clear red to create the taillights. I cut small squares off a racing stripe decal and used it for the white portions.

    The air cleaner is pulled from the Revell Chevy Van kit. I like the way it looks compared with the Ford one. Still chose to use the Ford factory decal on it, even though I know that would drive some folks nuts. Inside I used the PE set from MCG to detail the dash and pedals and '67 door panels from RR. The door panels lined up perfectly and fit really well after I sanded some material off the backs. The grille fit rather nicely after some sanding. Kit headlights were a perfect fit, and I used an orange pharmacy bottle to create the turn signals.

    Rookie Resin parts used: Grille, hood badges, steel rims, mirrors, step bumper, interior door panels

    IMG_9031 (2).JPG

    IMG_9029 (1).JPG

    IMG_9027 (1).JPG











  3. Not a huge fan of the custom waverider version, but I definitely appreciate the vintage catalogs. Thanks for sharing those. These are from the Monogram 93 and 96 catalogs that I have.

    I like the blue S10 from the illustration. That is how I'll paint my S10, if I ever get back to working on it.

    I think that illustration would make great box art for a re-issue (!!!)



  4. On 3/19/2020 at 9:00 AM, Matt T. said:

    I doubt any of those changes will be made. I recall seeing an image of the grilles sprue back when these kits were originally announced. All four grilles - '69, '70, '71, and '72 -  are on one sprue. 

    I don't see a new grille, dash, or door panels being produced for this '67, unfortunately. I could be wrong though...

    I tend to agree. I'd be surprised if everything was updated to make it an accurate '67. Still, I don't understand why they would box it as a '67 if all the parts are for a '69, seems to only open the door for criticism. If it was marketed as a '69 utility bed w/ a V8, I think it would still sell pretty well.

    Is it true that the '71 and '72 kits actually have different grilles? I know the 1:1 grilles are different, but I haven't done a comparison on the kits. To me the '72 box side photo appears to have the '71 grille. I hope I am wrong!

  5. I let this project fall off my radar last summer. Finally picked it back up earlier this year and decided to strip and re-paint it. Now I am going in a slightly different direction with the project. Luckily Rookie Resin now offers even more coverage for making an accurate '67.

    I heard Moebius will offer a 67' F100 service truck in the future. I am VERY curious as to whether they will make any alterations to the headlight bezels from their '69 kit. Either way, Bill @ Rookie Resin nailed it with these grilles. 

    Grille, wheels, step bumper, door panels, and hood badges on this one all came from Rookie Resin.





    IMG_8555 (1).JPG

    IMG_8560 (1).JPG

    IMG_8558 (1).JPG




    IMG_8553 (1).JPG

  6. On 11/13/2019 at 5:21 PM, Jordan White said:

    When did they start using the Revell-Monogram logo on the boxes though? I'm confused why the Syclone is a Revell box and the S10 is a Monogram box (until the 3n1, where it became Revell), and they both came out after the two companies merged.

    I believe the kits were released in this order: 

    Revell Syclone  - 1992

    Monogram S10  -  1993

    Monogram Waverider S10 - 1994

    In 1995 I believe all 3 versions were re-boxed with slightly updated boxing, but same kit/revell or monogram name. 

    Revell Lowrider S10 - 1999


    As to how Revell/Monogram which company name to use on the boxes, I haven't been able to find a pattern, even now.

    I have noticed most (maybe all) kits dated 1998 have both names in the upper left, and this seems to be the only year with that style combined logo. I cant remember ever seeing a specifically monogram kit dated 1998 (or 1999?). Seems like they started splitting up the branding again in the early 2000s

    In any case, hopefully it is just a wives tale, and the S10 is intact. I am building one now, but I would still buy 2. I can see it now, in the sleek black Monogram box like the recent Grand National release. Round2 has a '94 sonoma on shelves, the time is now. 



  7. 20 hours ago, tim boyd said:

    DSC 0737



    Thanks Tim.

    This is a great kit, I am excited to see it re-issued.

    The last few years seem to have been a turn of a page in the book of Revell box-art. Seeing more of these illustrated box tops, a shift from the matter-of-fact look of the special editions or street burner kits.

    I'll admit, I am a sucker for box art, and I like this one (although, I say ditch the driver). The illustration of the car specifically, seems very similar to the AMT '25 chopped T re-issue, due to be on shelves around the same time. I also like the look of the Revell's special edition boxes, but I guess that's a decade-old look now. Wonder how many more of those we will see..

    All I know, is that I am building mine with the blower and some FAT tires. Great tires in this kit, but they will go on something else. 

  8. 20 hours ago, Casey said:

    the lowrider and original issue version pictured are the only versions which feature a stock build option--

    I swear I have seen one on ebay was from 1995 or 96, maybe? Boxart had the blue monogram banner, like the waverider, but the red stock s-10 with a diorama-type background. I cant seem to find a picture anywhere. Probably the same parts as the original issue.

  9. I have always been curious about certain kits from Revell/Monogram, that seem to be available in different scales.

    Recently there has been the Jeep Honcho kit, and the Mazda Miata from Revell. These kits were released years ago with with different scales listed on the box. There's a number of examples of this. Why did they do it? 

    I know that prior to the merger, Monogram had many well respected 1/24 toolings, while Revell focused on 1/25 scale. I would assume that since they merged, they hope to appeal to all markets, i.e. those who have chosen to build in only one particular scale. I would be interested to hear whether or not that is the actual motivation behind it. More so, I am curious about the comparison between the different scale kits. I have never done a side-by-side, so that would answer a lot of my questions. Are the kits actually the same, and are all parts re-scaled? Is it a costly thing for the company to do? Is it something that requires cutting an entirely separate tool?

    I am new to the hobby, so I enjoy learning about it's history. These forums have been a great source of knowledge for me, so thanks in advance for any info


    oldjeep.webp new jeep.webp

  10. So I know there are still a few derivatives of the 65/66 F100 due out in the next few years. I'm still hooked on building the Moebius 69-72s. But I'm already wondering what will be the next pickup offering from Moebius. Anyone care to share speculation? Or better yet, anyone in the know have info from the source? Based on their reputation, I'm hoping for fresh new tooling.

    Personally, I would be thrilled if they continued moving back through the older Fords. As far as I know, there is not much available to represent late 50's Ford trucks. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think.



    This one was a longtime work in progress, and it feels food to say that I am pretty impressed with the way it turned out.

    I am 26, and I started modeling in late 2017. I think this build was a milestone for me in terms of patience and how it impacts the final product. I love this hobby.

    I rent an apartment in the Boston area, and I commandeered a space in the shared basement to put a 6 ft. table, along with a few shelves, and build my plastic. I haven't been building much lately since it is summer time, so finally finishing this feels especially nice.

    I ordered the Fireball F250 upgrade kit and I was not disappointed. Chassis assembly was a breeze and the detail on the parts is pretty astonishing. Moebius created a great kit, and Joseph allowed us to build the truck on the box.

    I wish I took more shots during assembly, but it tried to get a shot of the accurate tranny on the finished truck.



    IMG_7028.thumb.JPG.1d5b628bd4a0d2e16cfc75165c3c45d9.JPGIMG_7021 (1).JPG



    IMG_7009 (1).JPG


    IMG_7005 (1).JPG


  12. Many of these kits from the moebius ford truck line have some unignorable similarities to the 70s AMT ford truck kits in the design of some parts. I specifically the 69-72 moebius kits. When compared with the AMT ford firestone kit, it would be easy to believe that some tooling was shared. I know that model king was involved in both the moebius kits and later verions of the AMT kits. But I am by no means a knowledgeable source of information relating to this hobby. I'm saying this only based on my own comparisons and things that I have read on these forums.

    For the record,  I am a HUGE fan of these moebius trucks, regardless of the tooling or inaccuracies. But will say, that hinge is funny looking. I never even noticed it

  13. On 7/8/2019 at 8:09 PM, mikemodeler said:

    I have thought the same thing, just haven't had the time to mock it up as I have both the F-100 Utility Bed kit and a Fireball conversion kit.

    I took this photo when i got the utility bed. It is the fireball kit and a 67-72. The 65/66 cab can fit with the fireball frame as well, I just didn't get a photo. Hope this is helpful.



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  14. I sat down today and really moved things along with this build. Its great to have a better grille option for the 67-69 trucks. Thanks to Bill at Rookie Resin. 

    Going for a slightly tuned up, slightly weathered look. I was waiting for the right chance to use these AMT ford wheels, and I am glad I still had them sitting around for this one. 

    Still a lot of work to be done here, photos are just test fitting. I'm excited about the PE set from MCG, it looks REAL nice. Those will end up on the highboy as well.




    IMG_6718 - Edited.jpg


  15. I glued the '67 grille to a cab today and I'll tell you, it was a pretty exciting moment for me.

    Great work on these Bill. I am sure that I speak for many when I say thank you for your efforts to create these.

    As suggested, I cut up a pharmacy bottle and used it for the turn signals. They are the perfect depth, and I got them in snug without using glue. Headlights from the kit fit perfectly. 

    I am excited to get this finished up and share the completed photos.





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