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  1. I missed a built up '68 R/T on Ebay last month - buy it now of $20. Somebody got lucky.
  2. That's come on quickly. You might inspire me to finish my stalled BRBO entry - http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/139459-brbo-mack-dm600-dump/
  3. No, as per the link posted by @Earl Marischalit's a Bulgarian one built much later, presumably one of the "Apple" conversions mentioned in the link. First registered in 2001, DVLA seems to think it's black though...
  4. The only rehab that will help that kit is to throw away everything but the body. The engine is a joke, the wheels are hopeless, the working steering manages to be both clunky and extremely fragile, rear axle is BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH... Even then, I think the body was compromised to fit the generic chassis. I might buy another if I found one going *really* cheap, but at today's prices for a new kit? No way.
  5. It's a pity. Repeats of TV and radio shows are now preceded over here by warnings such as "this show contains attitudes and references of the time", in case any sensitive souls are offended. 🤬 I find that a lot of the TV I enjoyed when I was young doesn't stand up as well now, but I still love Fawlty Towers and Reggie Perrin.
  6. Too big - same diameter as the T-Bolt ones to fit the old Revell tyres. The ones from the Fireball 500 aren't perfect, but probably as good as it gets for readily available kit parts.
  7. I see this reissue has the hood from the original '80s Satellite issue. I might have to get one of these, despite my aversion to the F&F branding... Neat idea with the bench seat, but before you get too far into it, I believe that pleated upholstery pattern was only used on buckets. The standard RR bench was like this: https://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/colorAndTrim/1971/71_Satellite0010.jpg This one being optional: https://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/colorAndTrim/1971/71_Satellite0006.jpg
  8. Aside from the chubby fenders, the thing that leaps out at me is that the headlamp surrounds need to be recessed more into the grille, and the headlamps themselves should be recessed in the surrounds. They're almost flush in the kit. The bumper definitely looks odd too. Re the Chevy II, the windshield header is too low relative to the side windows, the roof looks too thick and the top is chopped overall. Look at the proportions of the rectangular door window versus the real thing.
  9. Nice. I'm planning to use a Spalding Flamethrower on mine too.
  10. It is, but it's about .080" too narrow compared with the SBF engines in the AMT '67 Mustang and the Revell '32 Fords and the heads have no detail at all. I'm building one now. I've widened the block and I'm using the heads and a modified intake from the '32 Ford kit.
  11. A Ford Thames Trader, if anyone was wondering. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thames_Trader
  12. The Opel Blitz used a metric tooled version of the 216ci Chevy engine, so it should be about the same size in scale, notwithstanding the 1/24 to 1/25 difference. From what I remember, the Opel chassis isn't really accurate for a US truck, and the wheels are totally wrong, having a much larger European PCD.
  13. 10/10 for observation. I figured people would be most interested in the photos. ?
  14. The other thing everyone gets wrong with 1ton/wrecker conversions is the wheelbase. It was 133" for the 1 ton chassis, so in scale, 0.72" longer than the shortbed pickup.
  15. Please let us know who these businesses are. We can then either avoid using them, or request that they pay some attention to packing,
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