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  1. Thank you Kurt...really appreciate the compliment. Back in 1971 that was some of my best work and always one of my favorite models. I was greatly saddened when it deteriorated and was relegated to the back of the case. Restoring it was a priority. Thank you, as always, Gary
  2. Thank you for the compliment Helmut. That was one of the reasons I had to order the wheels too as the stock ones couldn't be modified easily enough to fit the new tires.
  3. I built this kit around 1971 when it first came out. This was one of my favorite pieces but time and age took its toll. Eventually the tires just caved in. I replaced the fronts with some extra's that I had in a Heller kit but it still didn't look right. There were other issues as well. Bear in mind this was the early 70's and a lot of the materials we have today didn't exist and my experience level was in its infancy. A big thank you has to go to Icon Automotive Miniatures who produce an accurate replacement set of tires for this car. Once the tires arrived the incentive was there. Was nev
  4. Thanks..its a special technique I have used many times before. Thanks Yes it does..and thanks Thanks Thank you Ray Thankyou for the compliment , John.
  5. Ya never know......I might be ready for a good challenge.
  6. I have built this kit and just for your info, I airbrushed all the graphics. Covering large areas with decal is tricky and often they wrinkle and this shows badly. Also since this kit is fairly old now you might want to test your decals so they don't crack. Use a small one you know you can replace. If they are going to crack then you will need to coat them with clear. Hope this helps you and good luck with the build . They really are very nice kits.
  7. Thanks Andy, I am way past Covid now, fully recovered.......but....the Porsche case is pretty full....so I am thinking something red and maybe F-1.
  8. Ray...I will never get tired of seeing Cobra's...especially yours. And I totally agree with you on the Fujimi kit. I have built two of them and was pleased with the result.
  9. Looking to complete another and found this one in the stash already painted. Paint is Boyd' s Aluma Pearl yellow with Testors Crystal clear topcoat. Kit was very nice except for the decals. Mine cracked badly when I went to do the seats. A little varnish solved the problem for the rest of the decals. Never had this problem with Tamiya. Rest of the kit went together without much fuss. Tamiya went all out on the detail. See photo captions for extra info. Thanks for looking. Interior had loads of detail. I added black flock for carpet, Interior was painted a silver/grey to match the o
  10. Fujimi Enthusiast kits are great...you did this one justice.
  11. Thanks Dave. You guys are real lucky....we are sooooo tired of Covid here.
  12. Josh...the wheels were one piece. Paint was clear yellow with a little bit of gold mixed in....thanks for the well wishes..I am fully recovered.
  13. Thankyou Brett, always appreciate your input. Thanks...I am fully recovered. Thanks
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