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  1. Excellent collection of endurance racers Helmut. The variations are refreshing. Ii always liked the Heller version of the P4 because of the engine detail.
  2. Helmut...I have this kit in my stash for many, many years. Mines an original Heller. So nice to see it built and now that I know it can be done I may have to dig it out. Yours looks great , only hope mine turns out this good . If I may ask, what colour paint did you use.?
  3. Bruce...looked like a fun little build....you did well.
  4. Thanks Gary, you were the one who encouraged me to do that. I see lots of really great models on here but am often left wondering, what scale is it, what paint did they use or what problems they encountered. This site is about sharing but not everybody does.
  5. It took forever to find the aftermarket detail up set for this kit. But once it arrived I was excited to get it done. However, as it turns out, this kit is not for the feint of heart. I have built Tamiya and Fujimi 1/20 kit and they were a joy, not so much for Aoshima. It was mostly the small parts and extra details that gave me the most problems. Vague instructions certainly didn't help. But I kept after it and now its done. Overall I am pleased with the result. A lot more detail could have been added but since the upper body is completely removable I will do that when the fancy strikes m
  6. Mike...we all have that one project that just seems to linger on the workbench. We're glad when its finished. You persevered and that's important. In my opinion it turned out great. Just finished a Heller kit (BMW 328) myself and they are no walk in the park. You did well on this one. Looks good.
  7. Ted, welcome to the forum from a fellow sports car builder. (mostly Ferrari's and Porsches) You can definetly spray inside if you have an outside vented spray booth. I built my own. Acrylics don't have the fumes that laquers do so you are OK there too.
  8. Very cool, like the extra detailing, just picked one of these up at an estate sale. Now it looks like I will have to build it.
  9. This is world class, I had the pleasure of seeing the real car (and sitting in it) and you nailed the look . Fantastic
  10. Helmut...those are two amazing builds....and one was brush painted to boot....oh my !!
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