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  1. the movies are really good and they are sequals set two years after the events of hot wheels highway 35 world race movie
  2. i have a 69 amx body and hood but nothing else i want to make a factory stock 69 amx a factory stock 70 cyclone grille/bumper 73 duster grille a mopar engine that would work for a 72 charger and opera windows for a 73/74 charger se 72 gto back bumper/taillights,lower rear valence one set of head lights and engine i got lots of mucsle car bodies and chassis and interior parts none are vintage i can trade for
  3. thank you thank you the lava plow and grappling hook retract and deploy into and out of the car with a push oh a couple butons they have special tires that are not like normal ones there is a selector toggle that can change the types of treads it has they are impervious to anything that would damage or destroy a normal tire the ones on the metal maniacs cars are a translucent black colored material while the teku cars have a translucent blue colored
  4. this is wylde's first car from hot wheels accelracers here are the movie cars Specifications a furnace on the passenger side 455 HP ,Mid-engine V10, 6-speed transmission Aluminum Monocoque Chassis 18" Front Wheels,20" Back Wheels Carbon Fiber Push Rod Suspension Grappling Hook,Lava Plow Top speed: 265 mph i made this from a polar lights 2006 ford gt kit some random items like a highlighter cap ,legos, the bendy section of a straw ,a coulple toothpicks and toy package clear plastic the wheels and tires came from the revell alternomad caprice and custom side pipe
  5. here is a comparrison between hollowback and hollowback 2.0
  6. this started off as a revell mustang cobra kit i got from classicgas i heavily modifed it to this updated version of a hot wheels car called hollowback which came out in 05 this is part of my acceleracers car line from my acceleracers fan fic for what the 5th and 6th films would have been like in the 5th one it picks up were the 4th leaves off with the members of the metal maniacs and teku streat racing teams going to find vert and after they find him the create a new team called the acceleracers which the teams new logo is the wheel of power and have all the symbols for each of
  7. i got a extra 65 gto body interior pan chrome hood in a box with a complete recent reissue of the 65 gto 2in1 kit now all i need is a front windshield and a dash
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