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  1. but one of our presidents was the commanding officer of the 109 and there was even a song about him and the 109 and what happened that night in 43
  2. thank you nascars,other racing cars,farm equiptment,big rigs,gundum,battlestar, i don't do airplanes unless it is a plane i like
  3. yeah next month a plan to get a b and c and maybe the d but knowing how big both the d and e will be the d will be 25 inches long and the e will be 27 inches they will cost way more then the a did at 18 inches long and b and c will the b is 19 inches long and the c 20 inches long i already got the nx-01 enterprise which is 12 inches long and the uss defiant from ds9 which is also 12 inches long and the equinox from voyager which is which is 13 inches long and the zheng he from star trek picard which is 24 inches long and the la sirena from picard which is 3.5 inches long and the
  4. this is a 3d printed model kit from madman's shipyard it is 1/1000th scale 18 inch long as i re scaled the the ships to make more sence with the re scaled 442 meter long enterprise and the 752.52 meter long so i figured out the the new 1/1000 scale lengths to match the 18 inch long enterprise and the the 30 inch long discovery
  5. thank you no the amt kit thank you thank you
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