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  1. thank you i tend to finish several models then i take pics of them all then try to post one a day i have model builds in all but one room in my house but all my car/truck builds are on shelves in my basement i have 170 cars models , 289 star trek ship models ,11 dioramas ,40 star wars models,22 non car/sci-fi models, 14 random sci-fi models ,77 tv/movie prop replicas for cosplay at comic cons all that i have built/made
  2. this is from hot wheels acceleracers movies i made it from a revell cadilac escalade and random items from my parts boxs i even made a tool shelf in the back in the first 3 movies this is mitchell "monkey"mcclurg's main vehical he drives as part of the metal maniacs streat racing team he is also the team's mechanic movie vehicals Specifications: 590 HP 7.5 liter V8 with headers 6-speed transmission False Cowl Induction Engine High Impact thermoplastic body Computerized active suspension Terrain Compatibility 20" front wheels 20" rear wheels Carbon fiber 8 piston
  3. i could not edit this to add and delete things i no longer need the 72 gto engine,and lower rear valence just the tail lights i need a everything but the body for a mustange cobra ll i also need everything from a lindberg 72 challenger but do not need the grille, front and back bumpers ,engine wheels and tire and the hood also a mpc or amt/ertl 69 charger chassis
  4. thank you yes it it is the amt/ertl kit
  5. this was a almost complete kit i got from thomascoffey1959 i had to use tires from my rim and tire box and create the hood scoop peices from a chrome rocker panel that i only had one of the stearing wheels came from my parts box and so did the shifter and the decals for the front quarter panels and air cleaner came from my decal box the only decals that came with the kit was a set of white and set of black side stripes i painted the body duplicolor perfect match gm light blue metallic i painted the floor white and the door panels seats center consule dsh/stearin
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