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  1. 2 hours ago, robertw said:

    I've built a couple of those kits over the decades but never did one as a woodie.. That is an interesting and creative look. Thumbs up for your desire to do it differently.

    thank you  it came with two different sets of woodie paneling decals 

    2 hours ago, thatz4u said:

    best one yet, well done...

    thank you 

  2. 13 hours ago, FLHCAHZ said:

    Very nice Michelle!  The wood grain looks great with the body color 

    thank you 

    17 minutes ago, hedotwo said:

    Nicely done Michelle!

    thank you 

    52 minutes ago, Deuces ll said:

    That is sweeeeet!..... 😎👍

    thank you 

    3 hours ago, charger74 said:

    That is very nice 

    thank you 

    3 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

    Looks great Michelle!

    thank you 

    13 hours ago, Paul Payne said:

    Wood grain is indeed cool! Paint, decal, or?


  3. 9 minutes ago, Mike F. said:

    Very nice!

    Makes me want to go surfing.

    If I only knew how, that is......

    thank you  i learned how to surf when i went to oahu for 2 and half  weeks during  summer  vacation   in 2007  i was about 13  the last time i was able to go surfing was back when i was 17 it was in socal it was my last summer vacation i had after that  and have not been to anywere i can surf since i can't afford to travel to socal or hawaii anymore plus my passport expired in 2019 and have not felt like getting it renuewed or a new one  

  4. 54 minutes ago, ewetwo said:

    That came out great and nice choice of blue.


    thank you 

    20 minutes ago, Zippi said:

    Looks good man.  Love the blue.

    it is a nice blue will be using it on a late 70's nova kit  when i get one 

  5. 38 minutes ago, spencer1984 said:

    Same here, Rodger Dodger is one of those that just looks "right." I also had the Dixie Challenger, though one of my favorite decos is when they used it in their Cop Rods series.


    Nice to see it in 1/24, I'm hoping to try one myself some day.

    thank you 

    35 minutes ago, bisc63 said:

    Fun stuff! Love the red you used on this. May I ask what paint that is?

    thank you  it is rust-oleum 2x ultra cover gloss apple red

    8 minutes ago, olschoolkid said:

    Nice job on this build. I always liked the Rodger Dodger hot wheels car as a kid. You made an excellent replica. 

    thank you  

  6. 13 minutes ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

    One of my favorite Hot Wheels cars. I had the one called "Dixie Challenger". Probably wouldn't be PC nowadays. 

    If that's the Lindberg kit, I want one. The proportions look real good!

    thanks it is the lindberg  kit  the only 72 challenger kit that was avialible and priced well till they seemed to jhave discontinued it 
    i to have a dixie challenger though the baseplate has 70 challenger  embossed on it  instead of dixie challenger but the packaging  still says it  mine is dark metallic blue with black and silver flames  i made a model replica of that also  but reveresed the colors did the body in gloss black and blue flames 

  7. here is my  1/25th scale replica of the hot wheels car  rodger dodger   which was a custom dodge challenger   this is based on the 1970-2014 version of the tooling they  retooled it in 2015  and changed the way the  engine and pipes  look and are layed out   now the pipes come  out  from under the  car infront of the doors and behind the  wheel well openings in the front quarter panels they also shrunk the size of the  engine  in hight  
    i  did mine in  hot wheels highway 35 world race video game  livery  in  the game this car is driven by  scorchers driver wayne casper  and replaced the licened  car he drove in the movie the game is based on  which was the 1999 dodge charger concept 
    i used my lindberg 72 challenger  to make this   which means i have to find another  one  
    i built this model  a few months ago  and had to wiat till i got the logos for it  which i got late last month  at the same time i got the logos  for my other other highway 35 world race and acceleracers cars i built and am planing on  building 










  8. i was told by a person who works in a  model  kit hobby  shop in greensberg pa  when i called to check to see if they had any of the kits i was looking  for   that there is going to be a  model and toy car show  at the new stanton vfd's  stanton room   from 9-3   this sunday    
    this is just  a swap meet not contest   and there is a  5 dollar admission fee  to get in  i  got this extra info  from  the ipms 3 rivers group   when i messaged them thinking they  were  the  ones hosting it  but it was  different non ipms member group  hosting it   this  3 rivers automodelers  group also plans to hold thier contest i  november  in castle shannon  pa from what i got from another source  i  found     

  9. 44 minutes ago, spencer1984 said:

    Well played, using the Supra as a base for Synkro. I especially like the wheels, how did you make those?

    thank you  i not sure where or who i got them from but i think they are from a 1/24th scale die-cast   i painted the tires  that color  
    i am acually trying to make almost evey teku and metal maniacs cars from the 4  acceleracers films   i already have built several of the metal maniacs cars  rivited,hollowback,spine buster,rollin' thunder  and am working on jackhammer  and the taro's 70 roadrunner   
    but this is the first teku car i have made so far  

  10. this is my atempt at replicating in model form  this  generic  retro modern truck  that hot wheels made in 2003   
    i  did mine to look like the  wave rippers version from  hot wheels highway 35 world race  movie   it is  not  100 percent accurate  but close enough  
    i used a the  amt/ertl  ford ranger slammers snap kit  i  scratch made the  surfboards  and  reshaped it and resculpted it  with putty    the rims and tires   are from a revell  snaptite 2017  ford gt kit  the raised section of the hood i made from roof  of a very broken  car body  










  11. this is a replica of a hot wheels acceleracers car  i made from  parts i had in my parts boxes 
    synkro is the the car driven by the teku street racing team leader nolo pasaro till it is destroyed in the metro realm in the second film speed of silence
    the movie cars specifications
    500 HP
    Fuel injected Twin-Turbo Rotary Engine
    7-speed transmission
    Carbon Fiber body with Aluminum Monocoque chassis
    20" WR2 Series Y Wheels with 35 series rubber
    Carbon Fiber racing brakes
    3 subwoofers
    3 tweeterS
    Jump Jets
    Neon Underglow
    Top speed: 273 mph










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