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  1. Awesome build!!! The meaty tyres really suit the GT-R. The wheels compliment the Grey body well. Lots of nice details where they are needed while maintaining that clean build.
  2. I probably should have said this will be a slow project. I had some more time so I done a proper mock up. Front suspension stuff is in, differential is in and here’s where the wheels would sit. I’ve had some C1 Models flairs sitting around for ages so here’s an opportunity to use them. No 2JZ engine here. It makes more sense to swap a more period correct motor into after the American motor was to expensive to repair in Japan. So I’ll use the S20 from this kit, which would have been at hone in a 1970s race car.
  3. Use Mr Hobby 1500 white surfacer for your primer and try out Gaianotes white EX paint. Thin both with Mr Hobby Mr Levelling thinner 👍
  4. Agreed!! I have 2 sets of God Hand nipper and their absolutely amazing. My blue 120s are the sharpest best cutting nippers I’ve used. I have some red 120s for rough cutting and other cutting duty’s. These are worth the money!!
  5. Thanks for the positive feedback guys!!! I can do stupidlong n tall exhausts if that want we want to see 😁 Was playing around with some 1970s Skyline flairs. I’m not will to shorten the diff so I need to look at other options. Here’s the tyre comparison and another mock up.
  6. So is this going to be a Work in Progress thread and document your build and complaints? Or is this just going to be another dead thread because it just seems like bait and everyone’s taken the bait and wants to point out why the kit is good if you want to put in the extra work.
  7. Just found this one. What an awesome little build! From memory the TS-94 has a lot of metallic flakes and will look great in the sun!! Keen to see the interior and BMF work
  8. Hey guys! I haven’t build a model car in a few years and started thinking for ideas and inspiration. Now I love myself a nice 1st Camaro but it’s hard to do something “new” with them. I think I’ve seen every colour, style or modification done to them before. So I came up with this idea. Ive read about lots of US military workers being based in Japan and enjoying their car culture. Then once returning home they import a old Japanese car and continue to enjoy them is the States. Well what if the opposite happened? A Japanese military worker return home from the USA and brough
  9. Awesome build!!! You’ve achieved some great details while keeping the build looking clean!!
  10. Making great progress on this build. A very clean of the great classic car. Keen to see the next update
  11. It would depend on the base colour. Over red as OP wants it’ll be a gloss dark red. To get a metallic effect, the base coat would have to be a metallic silver etc. I hope that helps.
  12. Great build. The finished product is awesome!! The colour choice and all the chrome trim is 👌
  13. The problem is once you understand and use the Mr Hobby primers, you’ll never use Tamiya again. Ive converted all my paints to the Mr Hobby lacquer range. The primers lay smooth and can correct orange peal (I have sprayed over the top of a ruined paint job with no prep) Their clear coats from the can have great levelling property‘s as does the Mr Levelling Thinner cool hand showed.
  14. I real like where your going with this build!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing this one completed 👍
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