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  1. It's varied. Tamiya Motor Racing Tool Set, China and scratching. Everything weathered and with my decals Old Bentley from Airfix is very good base for upgrades closer to the original
  2. Another MFH completed ... somewhere on the side of the Nurburgring race track in 1957... 1/12
  3. This made it possible to lay the drive shaft diagonally. This placed it next to the driver's seat, not underneath it. The car was lower and had a lowered center of gravity.
  4. I'll always be behind you. Thanks for the kind words and advice so far
  5. Thank you. I see that I managed to hit with a thin cherry color of the upholstery I wonder about the black oval on the rear lower part of the engine. Tank? Cover?
  6. My second model of the Japanese manufacturer (Master?) Mr. Hiro. According to my preferences, it was again the windy racing car - Ferrari D50 in the 1956 Monaco Grand Prix (JM Fangio) markings. Ferrari took over this model from Lancia and made very few modifications. Lancia introduced a number of revolutionary F1 modifications with this model. Essential is the angled orientation of the v8 (Jano) engine and balancing the weight distribution with the installation of side fuel tanks. I just added rivets and some screws to what was in the box ... Brush painting and Tamiya and Humbro
  7. Today the final gallery of my first MFH model. This is the winning Fangio car from the second Formula One season. 99% of the elements from the MFH factory set. VIDEO0052.mp4
  8. Thomas, you can always enrich the set. Well ... And beautifully make it!
  9. Inspired by: I decided to make a version from the Polish Grand Prix in Lviv in 1932. Rudolf Caracciola then won on this car.
  10. Thank you for your kind words from colleagues. I watch a lot of much higher level work here.
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