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  1. I painted it. Testors Gloss Red from rattle can. No polishing, sanding or waxing.
  2. This was a fun kit to build. I am going to try to find a few more.
  3. That is a good idea. I thought about leaving one leg of the mirror mount loose for that exact reason. I haven't dull coated it yet, so I will do that. It is hard to see, the under the company name it says Utica, NY. I put NY license plates on it too. I grew up in Michigan, but didn't have the decals to correspond.
  4. Thank you. No foil on the car. All of the window trim and door handles are done with a brush. I forgot to detail the wheels. Thank you on the diorama.
  5. It is cold in the Northland, but there is work to be done. How many miles do you have on your plow rig? The outdoor picture was taken 11/11/19 in my driveway.
  6. Was supposed to be the Hertz GT350H. I wanted to go a different color. The decals didn't agree with me, so they got trashed. Testors rattle cans, Transparent Red over Gold.
  7. Stock built out of the box. Learned I need to tape windows before spraying dull coat. Otherwise, I am happy with the result.
  8. My first time painting stripes. I ordered the star decals, then discovered when I opened them that they were dry transfer. They were a challenge. It is far from perfect when compared to others, but I am happy with it.
  9. Outstanding! If I may ask, how did you do the seats? I was hoping to do something similar in a truck I am building.
  10. Could you show a couple of "how to" pictures for this?
  11. Testors Root Beer on the Fenders, Krylon Brushed Metallic Caramel Latte for the body. I had painted it Tamiya USAF tan, but dropped it while moving it indoors to dry. Nearest hobby store is 350 miles. After a little sanding the Krylon covered the tan nicely.
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