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  1. Further along now with the chassis, things are going well. The real car in progress photos sent to me are sensational and really help getting things done correctly. Basic chassis; Here a few shots with body tub first fit; Tire check, the wheels will not be used; Things are where they're supposed to be.... Mike..
  2. @Marcos, glad you like it, you and I just like to build tube chassis cars. This will be no different. @Francis, Yes I believe the car is a beauty and I'm excited about building this one. I have a fellow working on the decals at this very moment, very professional work. This should be a fun project. More completed already, photos soon. Mike..
  3. This iconic racer has always been a stunner. I saw it first (probably) in the SS&DI mag about 1964. The trademark molded chute pack area, the white custom paint and gold lettering, along with the molded lower body panels make it still unique, in my opinion. A show car that actually raced and succeeded. I contacted Mr. Scott Snizek, now the 2nd generation driver/owner about his family's car, stating that I would like to model it in brass, and if he could offer me a few photos showing details that have not been published. Closeup build photos. Meantime, I have the plans plus several
  4. Steven, I've been admiring your expertise for years and do believe your models are among the very best to be viewed. I do think you can do better, concerning the pulleys and belts on the motor. Also, in my opinion, the fan blade thickness sticks out like a sore thumb, in comparison to the nicely detailed carb work. If I remember correctly, the street Hemis had aluminum fan blades. The belts seem to be comparatively thick and out of scale, disturbing the overall view. Maybe file the fan blades down to thin edges to maintain the pure styrene model. With so much attention to d
  5. This car is new, finished last week. Scale 178" WB, chassis is a replica built from original plans. Revell FC 426 motor with a few changes, front wheels wire laced, rear wheels/tires vintage Revell FC. Paint is House of Kolors Brandywine over pale silver base. Thanks for looking/commenting, Mike..
  6. @Niko, many thanks for the compliments. The front end is a favorite area of modelling for me, the intricate linkage does look nice when the car sits on the shelf. @Jim Owen, your approval is greatly appreciated, thank you. @Trevor, "stunningly brutal", what a wonderful phrase! I do think it fits, these cars are just that. Yes, the wheels are laced. Brass rims this time with silver coated copper wire, ultra thin. 40 spokes each wheel. Alclad chrome paint. The tires are from a Revell kit, as are the rears. Thank guys, Mike..
  7. @Nitrobarry, I felt the same way, Barry. Just build a simple design of a classic dragster, no electronics anywhere, just show power without frills. I feel the car has perfect dimensions, not stretched too long yet long enough to handle better than the older shorties. The motor dump, right up against the slicks does it for me. Thank you. @CT, you found it! I had to play around with photographing so long to get it right. not an easy task as my old lightbox doesn't handle 1:16 cars very well. I agree, the intricate and frail front axle sets the car off. I love this old simple design, a
  8. Here a scale 150" Woody Gilmore dragster from earlier this year. CompResins 417 kit with a few changes. House of Kolors Candy Apple Red over gold base. Mike..
  9. Very well done Marcos, a wonderful replica. I remember that kit was nothing but a problem, but it sure came out nice! Mike..
  10. @CT, thank you. The stubs, I forgot to remove the four of them. Two at the very front, two at the firewall. I solder these on as soon as the chassis is together, so the ride height is maintained throughout the build. Just sort of a simple jig. Here the 4 stubs in the beginning days; I just noticed recently on the shelf, a Fiat Altered built years ago still had them on! Gone now, finally. Mike..
  11. Thanks Marcos! To be honest, the paint came out better than I'd hoped for, haven't figured out yet how to capture the real view in a photograph. UPDATE: The car is 99% finished. A few small things need attention, but the project is now ended. Still working on some light box possibilities, here the current state. Thanks to the modelers that showed interest and commented, as this is truly an incentive to first of all, realize other methods and secondly to possibly enhance your own techniques. A wonderful opportunit
  12. Hello Bernard, good that you're back to the roots. Especially good you're doing the famous 150" FED. You got my attention a few years ago with the 150" look, I'll readily admit total agreement. The golden look is 150", give or take a few. The idea of chopping the long body is a good one, small enhancements, front laced wheels and a good motor foundation and you're on your way. I like this one. Mike..
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