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  1. Anyone going to make an up top for this kit?
  2. I own a manual JL Wranger, this is the 2nd Clutch recall, and its for the same issue. the clutch gets overheated. Other then the clutch recalls its been excellent. more reliable then the Toyota Tacoma it replaced. which went through 2 fuel pumps, and about 10 o2 sensors before Toyota Finally replaced the full exhaust under warrantee
  3. I wonder if the lhd dash from the tamiya kit would fit?
  4. For those looking take make this kit more of a street car, the motormax 1/24 2018 mustang gt is perfect for parts, the rear glass fits almost perfectly, and the interior would work, but it’s missing a lot of detail
  5. any word on this show in Pittsburgh, I'm assuming its cancelled, but haven't heard anything official.
  6. 51 Hudson, been sitting here since at least the late 90s, the automotive shop it’s sitting at has been abandoned since the mid 00s. Very rough but all there, I would hope the fender skirts are in trunk, straight 6 is still there but hood is so rusted I didn’t want to pry it open. Last registered in 1963 according to plate,
  7. The 350z has kinda odd proportions, but the Supra is actually a decent kit, I wonder if it will have the Veilside body kit, or the F&F Bomex one
  8. I started this thread 13 years ago so I should update mine, 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S, 3.6L V6 with the hard to find 6sp Manual Transmission, it’s surprisingly quick,
  9. what is this? AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1200 1/25 1964 Olds Cutlass F85 Convertible $35.95 TBA
  10. Look what Autoworld has coming out in 1:64 scale
  11. Auto World has this guy in there 1:64 scale line. They should have CAD drawing and dimensions already done.
  12. The El Camaino is a welcome reissue, looks like it’s getting all the parts from every reissue of that kit, I’m more intrigued with the wrangler, from what little I can see it looks like it has a stock front bumper, are their any better pictures of the box art. Hopefully it get retooled to somewhat stock, and they get rid of that awful roll bar in the kit.
  13. I’m a carrier, not a clerk so I’m not 100% sure on this works, but Did you have to sign for it, if so than they will have you fill out a 3831 form, since it’s a foreign. It won’t have a 13 digit USPS number,, it would have a number beginning with EA-EZ, CA-CZ, HC-HZ, or RA-RZ and ending in US. If it doesn’t than they sent it really really cheap. I don’t see many foreign packages without a scan, but about 75% of them that I deliver are damaged, and there is no way to prove where it was damaged. Every time it gets scanned, it gets a picture taken of it. anytime I order anything from overs
  14. The T1 bus is different then the T2 bus T1 T2
  15. a type 2 VW bus, I may be wrong but could that be a new tool? ,I know Welly did a diecast one in 1:24 scale,
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