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  1. Thanks, I wish it did! Thank you. Thanks! Thank you. Appreciated. Thanks. I agree, as a wagon fan, this works for me. The windows just help to sell it! Thanks. why thank you! Agree, this concept just does seem to work for the body style. Thank you!
  2. Thank you! Nope, me neither until I saw this kit. Some interesting history on this car. I actually didn't get any decals or anything with this kit. (not sure if the stripe is decals or not) I only found references for this car in blue (with different types of stripes) and a convertible version in red with no stripe. I figured, hey, lets try something different! Why thank you. Thanks very much.
  3. I had no idea this even existed. What a very cool piece. Question: what is that orange car in the background here? Very interesting.
  4. Love it love it love it.
  5. Another older AMT kit done. This Grand Sport kit has its issues like any other kit from the 90s. Still enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks for looking!
  6. I did lower it slightly, but not too much. maybe 2mm or 3mm. Kind of thought the tucked look with those flares would be nice. Thanks! Thank you. Yeah, it is loud. Hope you have your sunglasses. haha. It is a real shame all those 70's cars are so rare now due to the rust.
  7. A quick build on this classic car. Fujimi did a great job on this one and it went together very easily. Full build on YouTube.
  8. Looks awesome. Nice to see one done. This is a kit I definitely want to build myself eventually. You did a great job.
  9. The old Civic has to he my #1 favorite car and I was so excited when I learned Hasegawa was doing a kit and even more excited when I saw the race versions with lowered suspension and other extra bits. This is the first time I have ever built any kind of race car and it was a blast. Super fun build with a few small fiddly bits but worth every second! Thanks for looking.
  10. This is a great kit by Tamiya and still quite affordable compared to many of today's kits. Now if Tamiya would bring back some of the NSX race car kits, I would be a happy guy. I completely agree, both with the kit and with owning the car. I would serious consider one if I had the coin. I would park it next to my restored 86 CRX (if I had the coin!) ? Thank you Thanks! It is kind of hard to tell from the photos because it is a metallic but this is the smoothest paint I have done to date. The sanding and polishing came out amazing. I can only hope to keep up t
  11. I have always loved this car and was happy when I got the kit but it has been sitting around until I thought I had a little more skill to give it some justice. That time is now! (obviously) I was super happy with this kit and honest it is some of my best paint work (with a can) and until I had an issue with installing the glass, everything was going perfect. Some of the glue for the glass ran out and ruined a bit of the roof in the drivers side. I almost cried but I figure it is just a model and there are many more to come. Otherwise super happy with the results. Tamiya TS-40 metallic black we
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