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  1. Your hard work and time certainly paid off, looks great, and I like to see a couple of different versions of the same kit together.
  2. Excellent work on this, very detailed. I’m keen to do one of these too
  3. This looks so good, great job, definitely one of the coolest looking 1/24 race cars around right now.
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate the positive feedback!
  5. I’ve been gathering old and extra bits and pieces from kits for a while now, always thinking they’d be useful for a garage diorama. I wanted to go for the older style run down barn garage, and really wanted to include a 1/24 Jaguar model that my late father built many years ago. So this is a bit of a nod to him, and his creativity and inspiration for me to continue modelling. I made the walls from plasterboard, timber framework is stained balsa wood and the garage floor is MDF.
  6. Good idea to do a road version, looks great!
  7. This is mine ? didn’t really like decals but once built I thought it looked great
  8. I had similar fit problems as another contributor dougwintz, so quite a lot of fiddling around to bring it all together but final result ok if you’re not looking too closely. I had a few white cars in my collection already and had seen some pictures online of earlier model BMW race cars in green so gave it a shot
  9. Great job the silver wheels look excellent. I’ve just finished one of these too, most detailed engine I think I’ve built before
  10. Wow that’s an impressive collection you’ve got there!
  11. You’ve done a great job of this despite the fit problems. I’ve just finished one too, and in the beginning it was going together so well, but trying to get the body together was a nightmare. I nearly binned the whole thing. But pushed on and if you don’t examine it too closely it came up pretty well. I’ll post some pics soon
  12. Very cool, yep I’m definitely going to build a version of this...thanks for the inspiration!
  13. That looks so good, I’m tempted to go for this kit too, the white rims look mint!
  14. Wow so much detail on the interior, well done this looks mint!
  15. Wow that looks so cool, thanks. I’d love to do this version too. Great job!
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