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  1. Just had to get photo in sunshine, White is done now for the red graphics
  2. Thank you Tim Francis has way more parts to assemble than I do, his project as well as yours just amaze me. I have finished the body work and layed down the while base color and happily it came out pretty well. Letting it cure for a few days before color sanding and blocking it. I hope to start the Red graphics mid next week.
  3. It's not bad but it is of the later model, so I back dated it with the early engine configuration, rectangular windshields on both sides and the extended lower vertical fin. That was a personal choice, the quality and ease of assembly are good.
  4. Coming together nicely Marcos, first class workmanship. And like Claude I'm going to borrow your rod end solution as you have just solved a problem I was going to have with the steering shaft on the Royal Canadian Top Fuel Dragster, thank you!
  5. First coat of Tamiya Gunship Grey to see what it looks like and to spot areas that have to be repaired before the final coat. It gives the scale effect of black without hiding the detail and is also a lower gloss paint.
  6. As amazing it has been watching you produce all of the individual parts and their quality, it's not until seeing them come together to produce realism of this level that it becomes evident that " The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" Just incredible Francis
  7. It just keeps getting better and better. Well done Charlie
  8. Absolutely stunning workmanship it looks fantastic. Great job Marcos
  9. The chassis is basically completed with the exception of the belly pan and side tins. They are going to be installed last, once the body is final fitted with it's tin and all clearances are double checked. The finish on the tins is so fragile there can been no contact with the body tin. The next few updates will deal with the body, it's internal structures and tin parachute and roof mounted handle and the external paint job and hopefully decals by then. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
  10. NSCA, Interesting concept and I would be in, but as Claude says there are no rules, except have fun doing it. With GSL winding down there is going to be a void though. On to more important things, the chassis is stunning and what you have mocked up looks great! This truck is going to have some serious attitude, Can't wait to see it done.
  11. Thank you for the kind words Charlie. I really like your mustang project and wish I had your machining skills.
  12. Another great up date, the carburetors are awe inspiring..well done!
  13. There is not really anything else that can be said about your talents and this project. This thread is one of the main reasons I look forward to visiting these forums, I enjoy every update and pour over your photos looking at the details and stash away what I learn for one of my future projects. For me this build is pure entertainment and I mean that in the best possible way. FANTASITC! Sorry couldn't help myself.
  14. Going together, just starting final assembly
  15. Another epoxy build attempt (who does this, it's the second one I have rescued the other was a B58) At any rate with what was left of the kit this is what I came up with, and a picture of the B58
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