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  1. Thanks Francis it really helps when you have virtually unlimited access to the real car
  2. Great looking model, the paint is fantastic. Do you have some detail pictures of the chassis with a little more light? What I can see looks very good. I like the chute release on the roof. Well done.
  3. Just finishing up some details on the chassis, I have been shooting some test panels with the original Murano Pearl that was used on the real car forty plus years ago , and I think I'm ready to risk it on the body itself this week end
  4. Working on the Royal Canadians somewhat unique fuel system. The Enderle hat is an old shower head design from around 1965 that was updated with a plate underneath and 4 injectors in a more conventional location, but still predating the 8 injector set ups that became the norm fairly quickly. This set up was still good enough to set the Canadian Top Fuel record and also win a NHRA National Event in its day.
  5. Impressive progress on this project, I really like the way you are approaching it. You have mentioned Chris Sobak Designs a couple of times, is he producing model parts commercially?
  6. This looks like a very interesting project which I certainly want to watch progress.
  7. Thankyou Francis I'm happy with my progress. Increadable work on the wheelie bars on the D100 BTW
  8. Thanks Mike, the seat cover was a breakthrough for me on this build. Your altered is definitely next level!
  9. Thank you Marcos, your progress on the Camaro is impressive.
  10. Thank you Bruce, I am really enjoying this project
  11. As usual outstanding workmanship and scale fidelity, I do have a couple of questions, did you make the coil springs and what is the material with the holes that you assembled the lower section of the bars on. I see no signs of discoloration from the soldering / welding the parts together.
  12. Mike this is just incredible work my friend, the word craftsman comes to mind!
  13. Progress on it's own wheels for the first time, progress is being made.
  14. Great job and concept, the car just looks right!
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