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  1. After a lot of trimming and thinning, the 67 engine bay is installed.
  2. I have the 1985 and 1998 versions Revell 57. The HOT ROD three Chevy Classics and the one with the pale pink 1:1 box art. Every time I open the box and see all those opening doors, it scares me and the lid goes back on.
  3. Way cool! I love what you have done.
  4. I used the ACME site and printed them on decal paper. I then applied them to real aluminum. Just like the real thing but not embossed.
  5. That is absolutely GORGEOUS!. I would be proud to put it in my display case
  6. I have two 4 post lifts that were 3D printed in a medium blue material. If I leave them in the up position, I start to get some sag and splaying of the legs. Left down, they do ok. I think is basically the rigidness of the base material. I have painted them but I do not think it changes anything. For the price I paid, I am still happy for what they are.
  7. Very nice Buick. The rallys work well with it. I ran with some rally wheels with my 1st Grand Prix for awhile.
  8. Made some progress the last few days. Created and printed some custom decals for the race car's name. I also mixed in some old contingency decals I found in my decal box. My "427 Cammer" decals got messed up so I will have to print them and try again.
  9. I have one of these kits. Following
  10. I built and finished a diorama for the express purpose of photographing models. It works great outdoors. In my display case it needs better lighting.
  11. Not to be contrary for the sake of being contrary, I foil THEN clear coat. My goal is to have the foil STAY down and not come loose when handling the model. I have not noticed any loss of shine.
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