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  1. Thanks Snake, I am reminded to order my walker! Jerry
  2. Very well done Marty! I love it. You don't see many Tom Daniel customs done. Great bit of nastalgia . Jerry
  3. I need to make a correction, I am looking for an 1915 center door kit. Does anyone know if Andy is still selling them? If so , how do I contact him? Jerry
  4. I agree with Bill, the truck looks like the one in the show. Well done David!
  5. Nazz

    1974 Camaro

    The Camaro is starting to shape up! I will be watching this one. You dont see many 74s. built. Mark, you know what a Camaro is, its a small vicious animal that eats mustangs. Jerry
  6. Is Andy still selling his kits. I would like to get a two door if possible. Jerry
  7. Ken, Spuds is a hansome looking fellow, I think you are lucky to have been adopted by him! Friday was Diesels first birthday, so happy birthday little buddy! He had a visit with a female Rotty and this morning he had a reunion with 6 of his litter mates! What a blast! A great time was had by all. Jerry
  8. I like it Steve! i think the car looks good in that color. I am a little jealous though, being north of the border A can't get those paints right now. Jerry
  9. This Coronet is coming along amazingly well. The hemi looks fantastic! This is going to be abother masterpiece! Jerry
  10. Hey Dann, just wanted to send my sincere condolances as well. I know this is very late and I am not sure how I missed your post but I hope things are turning around for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Jerry
  11. Nazz

    Taco Time

    Great looking Vega F/C Jim. Thae paint looks flawless and the decal work amazing! Don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said. Well done! Jerry
  12. Great looking engine Steve! What did you use for the coil mounting strap? Jerry
  13. Nice C-10 Charles. The Step bumper is a nice touch. Jerry
  14. Nice Ranger Bill. Love the color combo! Well done! Jerry
  15. Very cool! Well done, definitly looks the part. That thing's gonna be hard on tires! Jerry
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