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  1. Thank you so much Ian! There is a lot of wisdom in this statement and it applies to many things in life! You prove this point yourself with all the great work you put into your own projects my friend. This is all just a hobby, but it does reflect a little bit (I think) of the values we live by. 😊 Francis
  2. Thanks Joe! At least I now have a good solid and straight base to receive this endless bodywork. A lot of points and improvements on this frame have been made since the beginning and I'll be glad to move on... 😁 Francis
  3. Thanks Claude! Let's say that for this one I went with the most realistic because the braided lines (at least the ones I have) are not really convincing and rather flat than round. Sometimes functionality must prevail aesthetics, I know you know what I'm talking about, you also gravitate to the world of real toys! 😉 Francis
  4. Thanks John! I'm glad you like it and don't worry, it's free, so come back (and comment) anytime. 😊 Francis
  5. A wise man you are I admit! 😁 You can rest easy, the truck will be better off now (as if that were possible in your capable hands...)! 👌
  6. I'm glad to see you back on this one Brian, I really like it! We all have to make some compromises to keep each other happy and it takes away some of the guilt, anyway, the bathroom will serve the whole family... 😊
  7. Hello everyone, A little more progress was made on the assembly this week, today's update is on the front suspension / steering. Everything is functional and the front wheel alignment is even better than I expected. I didn't have what I needed to anodize the rear brake calipers when I did the assembly but I received my order late last week so I anodized the front ones. The red wasn't intense enough so I painted them red for more contrast. I don't intend to take the ones in the back apart to paint them, so they will stay bare metal, I like them that way too. I will then have the delic
  8. Thanks Charlie! I'm also working on the steering column but the alignment is not as straight as your Mustang so I'll have a nice challenge to connect the steering box with the steering wheel shaft. I may have burned out the steps by doing the brake lines first... I'm not out of the woods...! 🤫 Yes, spring is knocking at the door and although I should be happy about it, it worries me a bit for the future, the spring tasks can't wait... 😂 Francis
  9. Great details Charlie, I LOVE them all, this build is in a class of its own! 👍
  10. First class build that has already received and will receive many more first places in future exhibitions. The attention to detail is obvious and the result speaks for itself! 👌 Your openness to share your work techniques and your explanations make your projects a must for anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone! Thank you for that my friend! 😊
  11. Thanks Ian! I see the end of the high season fast approaching with the nice weather starting to set in and progress may be slower in the coming weeks or months. I'll try to finish the body work and do the paint before the summer, to be continued... Francis
  12. That's great Claude! I agree with the rule that there are no rules! It's the best way to not put any barriers to creativity and I know you have great skills in this area! You deserve your membership card!!! 😉 Francis
  13. Thanks for the request Al, I take it as a compliment! The way I built the cabin makes it almost impossible to duplicate. I'm not an expert on resin copies, but to make the molds for the parts I think they must be free of undercuts and the cabin and bed are full of them in every corner. When the idea is to make copies, the body has to be prepared in a way that it can be reproduced and this was never an option because I wanted to make a complete cabin with all the details in place before painting it. Francis
  14. It's absolutely flawless Ian! The assembly was done with great care and I can't wait to see the body in place, it will be beautiful I'm sure! 👌
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