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  1. This is great work Daniel, the whole front steering system with its components is first class like everything you do my friend... 😊 I remember my dad installing a pair of Gabriel shocks on his 75 Plymouth Fury when I was younger and I kept the sticker that came in the box at the time, I must still have it somewhere. The color of these looks perfect to me by the way! 👍
  2. Obviously your plating solution recipe is a success Charlie, it is much better than what I tried with the supplier's product, the brass turned like black chrome on my first try. The motor mount is just fantastic, thankfully it didn't break with that severe bending... 😓
  3. Hey Tim! I am glad to get some new from you my friend. As we often say, there is a time for everything and you have to make the most of the beautiful days when you live a little further north... Still, the rainy days take away some of the guilt of moving forward (at a snail's pace...) and keeping the project alive. I hope to have a productive fall and finish this project next winter. There are so many potential subjects that tempt me and beautiful projects on the site, I have to keep myself focused and dreaming about my next build. 😊 Francis
  4. Thanks Mike, I also really like the color contrast between the brass and aluminum parts even though many of these details will hardly be visible on the final product. Let's just say that I do it much more for the pleasure of making parts than for the logic or the respect of the real components of a real vehicle. That's the fun of this hobby where there are no rules to follow when creating a fictitious vehicle. I'm also having a lot of fun following your prowess with this beautiful yellow metal my friend! 😉 Francis
  5. Very nice and clean build, the color choice is great. Resin kits are not always easy to assemble but you did a great job using the 64 Plymouth as a donor, I love it! 👌
  6. This is a fantastic model Charlie, you can be proud of it, the paint is absolutely beautiful too. The fact that it is 1/8 scale only adds to the challenge as the details have to be even more realistic than in a smaller scale, which you have done wonderfully. You are an artist my friend! 👌🏆
  7. The engine is just fantastic Charlie, I'm glad to have had an overview of the lab where all these masterful parts were made, it puts a little tangible in the magic you bring us. 👌
  8. Thanks Marcos, not much to show you but still progress... 😉 Thanks Daniel, I don't have much time to devote to this hobby these days, but I'm trying to keep the project alive for next fall. It's starting to get cobwebs on my workspace, so I'll have to take things in hand soon... Thanks Tim, I really appreciate your comment sir but you should also be able to see the flaws more clearly now.... I will have to be even more careful with my next parts.... 😉 Thanks Pat, it's been a long time since I've seen you my friend, but that's probably a bit my fau
  9. Yes, they really can make magic, the same way you can find a perfectly machined part of aluminum or brass from a simple raw rod. A little break is often welcome and summer is the best time for that... The fall will certainly be prolific, I'm sure! 😁
  10. I love this kind of detail Ian, it's my favorite part of any project and it looks like you have some great reference photos. This is going to be epic! 👍
  11. You have great attention to detail and great talent Marcos, the interior and the rest of this beast is simply superb! 😊
  12. Hello to everyone! The long quiet river continues and I've had little time for the pickup these past few days so I've been doing the oil pump assembly and the lines that connect to the oil pan. I started to work on the hardware for the parachute but I didn't make enough progress to make it worthwhile to upload what is done, it will be for the next update. I have two more weeks to work and then I will be on vacation. A lot of small jobs on the agenda for the house but I hope to find some time for the truck if the bad weather allows it... More to come sooner or later... thanks for y
  13. Thanks Trevor! I plan to add a parachute and it may obstruct the view of the wheelie bar a bit but I guess it's a must to meet the NHRA rules... 🤔 Thanks Jim, It's always a pleasure to share the process but sometimes I have to limit myself on the number of photos because it would take too many to cover all the operations. I'm always open to answering questions for anything that is not clear with the uploaded photos. Thanks Jim, I am very happy to see that you like the project so far! I still have a few details to make before I start painting the truck because I
  14. Great job Jim, I am very happy to see another pickup in the drag racing category... 😁 I love the work you have done on the front suspension, a big improvement IMHO. The 2 pieces tires are nicely assembled and the joint is invisible, did you used Loctite gel to glue them?
  15. Thanks for the comment Roger and sorry for the long delay in responding, again, this is not the best time of the year for modeling, even the time available for the computer is limited to the bare minimum. Thanks Ian, the coil spring is simply craft wire wrapped around a brass rod the same size as the one on the wheelie bar and cut to length. I'm not sure which part you are referring to in your second question but all the yellow colored rods are soldered brass that I cleaned up as much as possible of the excess solder and the rest is machined aluminum. feel free to get back to m
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